Knife porn thread

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  • Excellent, but your greengage will probably (not) die, they should only be pruned in Spring/Summer.

  • Yeah better pruned in August after fruiting, it being mild winter conditions at present though I took a chance. It's quite an old tree with low fruit yield past couple years so if it dies we can start over.

  • Snap!
    I use this for training my dog.
    It doesn’t work.

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  • The dog doesn’t work or the whistle doesn’t work on the dog, or the whistle doesn’t work full stop?

  • The whistle works perfectly. The dog on the other hand...

  • Very neat & tidy, nice. What wood is that, I'm wild guessing at elder?

    My daughter asked for her own whistle (the first is already going to be gifted) so I've made another smaller one today.

    A bit of a tangent, I've got identical looking fabric to yours pictured - am using it to make prototype sheaths for the Mora Companion & 106 my partner will use for her Forest School stuff, as well as for the hori-hori... not sure where to source proper thick leather (or ideally non-animal equivalent that is cut & puncture resistant) though if you or anyone else reading may know?

  • Heinne update: they say royal mail won't carry honing oil now so if it's in an order it won't offer free shipping.

  • It’s silver birch. Prunings from a tree in my garden.
    The leather is from an old sofa. I turned it into a rucksack. It’s not suitable for a sheath, it’s way too soft.

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  • I use veg tanned cowhide to make sheaths. I buy sheets from a leather supplier and soak it to mould it around the knife.
    Ideally you want something with some substance, 2 or 3 mm thick. When it dries it is very hard and cut resistant.

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  • Useful info, thanks. Nice work on both the rucksack and sheath too.

  • A diamond steel might be better for a novice without access to a stone, no?­sharpening-steel-305mm/d161

  • Taking kitchen knives on holidays, do you just pack them in your bike box?,,, many thanks for any advice offered

  • Feel free to store them in my wife.

    Failing that, presuming you are flying, any hold luggage should be fine.

  • That’s somewhat sinister...

  • Ah, you've met her.

  • I laid made an egg.

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  • Eggcellent!

  • Subbed

  • Heinne update 2:

    Ordered at 4.50pm Fri, free postage as £30+ & no honing oil... items arrived 1pm Sat. Shipment email arrived 3pm Sat.

    They must have a Postie moonlighting with them or something - incredible turnaround on orders.

  • I wrap my kitchen knife in a tea towel and put in in my suitcase. Simple.

  • Following on from other folks' "things wot I made with a knife" posts, here's a knife and spork.

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  • ^ nice!

    Do folks here use cut resistant gloves/thumbguards when whittling? I'm not so it's inevitably going to end badly... I'm working with push cuts more than paring/pull cuts where possible to reduce risk.

  • Nope but maybe I should have. I've got the money shot if anyone's interested.

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  • Isn’t “always cut away” a pretty basic rule in any form of handiwork?

  • I'm using big fire gauntlets for my holding hand, but not the knife hand. This is mostly because I already had the gauntlets, but I've been thinking of getting some less bulky leather gloves, maybe some gardening ones?

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Knife porn thread

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