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  • Sadly not, didn't have a huge amount of time to go hunting around, and where I was staying in Normandy, the towns were complete dead (no summer seaside holiday traffic).

    Opinel no.9 carbone got used alot for sausisson and comte though!

  • Dearly beloved is very pleased, she's been martial arts posing around the house with the trowel... I don't think she quite gets it but that's absolutely okay...

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  • she's been martial arts posing around the house with the trowel

    Pics oidh

  • Spoke to a store manager at decathlon and was told that stores are removing all opinel knives from shelves and returning them to head office allegedly for destruction. I have the last opinel n8 stainless steel from Greenwich and the last two Opinel No 8 Outdoors. Anyone interested in one of the outdoors?

  • removing all opinel knives from shelves and returning them to head office allegedly for destruction

    Did they say why?

  • There's 3 7's & 3 8's in Stockport, might grab them tomorrow.

  • That sounds like they have fake versions, why else destroy them?

  • Hence my comment of allegedly.

    Maybe cheaper to dispose of them at a knife bank than return them to Opinel/France

  • I’d like a new kitchen knife for general use - my current favourite is a very cheap stainless santoku so something similar but better would be ideal. Budget probably £40-50...

  • I'd be surprised if the largest sports retailer in France bought a bunch of fakes.

  • Zwilling Four Star, if you can find a good deal.

    It's a good stiff knife, decent steel, lovely handle, and no froofy expensive cosmetic finish.

  • Thanks for tip off, I now have 3x 7's carbon & 3x 8's inox. Most will go onwards as Xmas gifts to outdoorsy folk I know.

    Got a mushroomer too.

    Cashier wasn't sure about selling so many but a colleague ok'd it. Awkward.

  • I do fancy a mushroomer. Am jealous.

  • Thanks for the suggestions @rhb @TW - the Zwilling four star is probably a bit too much unless it’s that much better... not that I know what better is, apart from staying sharp for longer!

  • I'm going to buy my partner a stainless hori hori. I'm set on stainless as she doesn't like looking after knives. The Barebones Classic looks the obvious choice. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  • Just checked Heinnie hadn't realised they're £20 rrp. Decathlon shows out of stock but there were a few in Stockport, £9.99 each.

    Worth a butcher's in your local decathlon, all opinel were in the 'hunting' (aka everything in cammo please) section today, they used to be in 'camping'.

    If you get no joy gimme a shout I could maybe grab another and send it on to you.

    Edit: p.s. they had some engraved handled no.8's too, I didn't check price.

  • Classic is ace. They've an even smarter looking new version with (or without) sheath option.­garden-foraging-tools/products/hori-hori­-and-sheath

    The niwaki shared on here recently looks the part too.

    I'm probably going to diy a sheath for the classic as it is currently wrapped in newspaper to protect the edges from nicks.

  • Thanks. I went for the classic, though I like the more worked hilt on the new one.

    I got this cheap bolo machete for a friend as well. It looks great, though the vinyl sheath is very flimsy.

  • I have one of those machetes too, great for garden / allotment use.

  • Redone the Patina on my no.7, stuck it in a Pomegranate for an hour. Nice pattern.

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  • I think a knife would make a nice gift for my dad, looks like Opinel is a good place to start? Outdoorsy and well made would be my requirements - does anyone else have any recommendations? So far I'm just browsing this Heinnie Hayes site in the edc uk friendly category. <£40 budget

  • Victorinox for a lifetime pocket tool (with a wine opener!)
    Or an Opinel n°8 ? At this price you can even look for Damascus knife.­R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=damascus+poc­ket+knife&_sacat=0

  • I got my Dad a Opinel no.6 Oak handle as a gift. It looked quite smart compared to the standard handles.

    If you want to check a few different Opinel out up close they usually have a good selection at Deadstock General Store in the NQ. Prices are higher there though, but it is a very nice shop.

  • Ahhh a brick & mortar shop is perfect, thanks. I think I'm going to go see about one of those reusable tea bags you mentioned upthread too. Where was that?

    Thanks too @AlfredIV

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Knife porn thread

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