Knife porn thread

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  • A fine wire wool will brighten it a bit, however it looks like carbon steel which will not polish up in the same way that stainless does.

  • Ooh. Carbon steel Lion de Sabatier? My parents had a paring knife one that lasted 35+ years and was consistently the sharpest knife on the planet. Amazing knives.

  • If it’s carbon steel, which it seems to be, then the patina on the surface is protecting it from further oxidation/rust. Unless it’s actually got bits coming off it’s not going to go into your food so leave as is?

  • I might just leave it as is then! I have absolutely no idea what make it is or anything like that.

  • Totally forgot I had this and it's perfect for what I'm looking for. Blade is thick enough to act as a trowel

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  • Your post reminds me of this forced patina- using an onion in this case

    Wonder what else could be used for creating an interesting pattern... pomegranate?

  • Pictures or it never happened

    I would love to have pictures. This was back before phone cams, before digital cameras, before I even owned a film camera. If I didn't have a disposable Kodak then it went unrecorded.

  • Totally forgot I had this and it's perfect for what I'm looking for. Blade is thick enough to act as a trowel

    Please put shoes on.

    Similarly, never shave with a straight razor in the nude.

  • From personal experience?

  • Not even going to ask why you have that.

  • No condescension before, all that does as you have shown, is cause an argument. Not the point on this thread.

    My caution reply was to all reading not you specifically. Please don't part quote what I have written, quote it all. When offered a caution, as that happens, you must understand what a caution is and how that caution will affect your future. You are still innocent till proven guilty. By accepting a caution you are saying yes I am guilty.

    The IT guy had a valid reason to have a locking knife on him. The officer had a suspicion and offered a caution. The officer wins a tick for solving a crime, especially a knife crime. The IT on the other hand has admitted guilt and how will the caution affect him. If you don't accept there is a whole process to follow. Why not explain that, as an ex police officer you should know it better than me.

    As you and I have said know your rights. Know the implications of accepting a caution. Know the law.

  • Give me connivence or give me death? ;)­nGw

  • Would chopping fruit and veg for a bit give the same type of pattina?

  • Yep. Acidity in the fruit/veg would do it, but you wouldn’t get a specific pattern.

  • As above. The first example of this patina pattern i saw said the knife had been left in the onion for 21hrs:­?view=permalink&id=10156298911657927

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  • I blacked the blades on these opinels with mustard. The first few applications left some interesting patterns, but I wanted black blades so kept at it till they were a uniform finish.

  • Sriracha Sauce works well and is easy to make a pattern with

  • I bought this NOS Sabatier chefs knife in 2015, it turned crazy colours after chopping its first onion. Wish it stayed like that.
    In other good news I picked up some shears and a flattening stone from Niwaki, nice to meet the people behind that company. The bad news is my wife accidentally dropped my Murata paring knife nose down on the rented farmhouse flag stone floor....nnnnngggggggg
    Was roundly condemned for running to the aid of the knife first. #knivesbeforewives

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Knife porn thread

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