Knife porn thread

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  • How else are we going to get on Mars?

  • It's still the case. Only if you directly follow a link from here and buy straight away

  • dedicated small knife for gardening jobs

    I use this old knife I found, it's pretty beef for a pocket knife.

    I was umming and ahhing over a fixed blade mora type or something more classic like an opinel. The hook was an arse to sharpen but has turned out to be useful for deadheading roses and picking stones out of pram wheels.

    I also use a no.8 Opinel in France, and tbh I don't actually need the locking function that often.

    Personally I wouldn't now want a fixed blade in a sheath unless you were gardening all day, or if it was part of your job. Being able to fold a pocket size knife and quickly put it in your pocket is really handy ...although I still have a this in my basket just waiting to for some sort of justification­ZAIXSC/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_7?smid=A3P5­ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1

    tl;dr buy a stainless no.8 Opinel.

  • If we don't keep buying stuff on Amazon we may not need to. Also if Amazon paid its taxes we might be able to afford to fund some stuff to help keep the planet habitable.

  • I'd rather send money direct to LFGSS than spend anything on amazon in the hope you might get a slice.

  • Hi all, thanks for the suggestions.

    I do like the idea of folding, which is why the opinel appealed, however that chisel blade looks interesting. Originally I had been imagining something not plastic, but actually, given it may frequently get wet maybe that's not a bad idea.

    Thanks again!

  • Does any one know where I can get a carbon steel cooks knife blank?

  • If you want a really nice practical folder that is as good as anything you'll ever be able to buy have a look here
    Some are ideal gardening knives, are nicely made and bargains considering the work that goes into them.

  • Lots of places in the US.

    This place has the same stuff I think­k/acatalog/Blades_for_Cooking.html

  • I use and abuse that Mora you pictured around the garden. I don’t mind having it clipped to my belt all day. It’s sturdy in a way no folder I’ve ever had is. I often smack it with things like hammers to get it to cut through heavy things. Love it.

  • Cool thanks

  • are there any online educational sites that look at blacksmithing / metallurgy / what happens to steel in the forge and at different temps, what happens to steel as it heats up and cools etc. ?

  • I don’t know anything about fancy knives or why you deviants are into them but NYD where my wife works are releasing a fancy cheese knife and she’s pretty excited about it.­?igshid=1vxnoy0jjsksx

  • Recommendation for a decent but not too pricey nakiri for a gift? Stainless, double bevel and not too crazy-fine an edge, they're a little less careful with their knives...

    This looks good, I've bought from Niwaki before, they're a cool company, but not knives.

  • Aren't those the knives you always find in TKMaxx? They look great but the band always goes after a few weeks...

  • Are they? That’d be surprising, but not impossible. Might have a look in TK this week.

  • I doubt it. Niwaki are quite boutique and not at all high volume.

    I have a pair of Niwaki garden shears and they are fantastic.

  • Have a look at dictum/dick tools as well. they're good jor japanese and hybrid knives at different price points.

  • If you find any kai seki magoroku knives in TKMaxx, they're probably a good shout.

    Got one of their 4000ST nakiris for about £15-20, seems like decent steel, holds super sharp edge, packaging is written just in Japanese and suggests using a whetstone for sharpening for that authentic feel!

  • What is the traditional material for a band on a Japanese knife, bone? Wood? Even that posh cheese knife Tibbs just posted has a plastic band... Very nice it is too BTW...

  • Bone... Wood... Heh...

  • Think my Tsubasa nakiri has a horn or antler ring.

  • Horn... Stop, don't stop...

    I figured as much... I would love a beautiful handmade Nakiri but I'm too tight to splash the cash... All my spare money's going on guitars and amps, got too many knives anyway! 🙃

  • One knife to rule them. I rarely use anything else, though I cook a lot less meat and fish these days.

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Knife porn thread

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