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  • He is a twat tho'...

  • Love you too

  • I do find the whole London knife crime thing terrifying, I didn't think about it much when I lived in Brixton but seeing it from a distance makes you realise how fucking crazy it is...

    That CCTV gang fight in the Edmonton Macdonald's a couple of months back really put the fear up me... Absolutely horrific...

  • yep same here it's odd but being away from it i find it more scary than when I was living back home.

  • Totally, we'd have murders going on outside our front door on St Matthew's Road and not bat an eyelid...

  • yep same here it's odd but being away from it i find it more scary than when I was living back home.

    Your journey to gammon is nearing completion.

  • just the pineapple ring to go on top and I'm done. thanks.
    But TS is right there was a serious incident in the local shop a few years back and while it was shocking it didn't have the effect on me that seeing the news does now living away from london it's odd.

  • bought a minosharp water sharpener from nisbetts last week , coarse and fine ceramic stoned version
    pulled the trusty victorinox chefs knife through each stone a few times and did the tomato test
    very little pressure required to saw through the tomato

    5/7 sharpness i look forward to cutting a chunk out of myself in the near future

  • I bought one recently too..I was warned that it wouldn't really work on knifes sharpened to a European angle. Interesting to hear that it does work!

    Does a pretty good job on my globals...

  • GPS knives (and a national database to go with it!)

  • My partner just had this arrive... it is very snugly held in the sheath and very sharp, a recipe for accidents!

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  • ha, me too

  • oops

  • I bought a twenty dollar IKEA stainless steel cleaver the other week... Was gonna spend a lot more on something posh but couldn't bring myself to do it, this thing is lovely... Good weight and holds a good edge... My only criticism would be I'd prefer a slightly longer handle but still very pleased with it...

    Not as good as my dad's old chef's Sabatier, obvs...

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  • Bought this beautiful Shun DM0712 Chinese cleaver for my fiancée as a present for opening her first restaurant. It's absolutely gorgeous, 32 layers of Damascus.

    Really inspiring me to learn how to make my own!

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  • Picked up a Hultafors chisel knife for some general DIY/Garden usage - it's a chunky bit of kit.

  • Looking at knives on a trip to France. Classic.

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  • I bought a cheap ass stainless japanese knife. It went blunt within a day or so.
    If I do a good job of sharpening is there any chance it will hold the edge better?

  • any chance


    If it hadn't been sharpened that well.

    But, if it's a fundamentally soft steel or hasn't been properly hardened then it will never keep its edge for long. In which case if you do a good job of sharpening, then regularly give it a few strokes on a steel it should be fine.

  • My knives from Sakai.

    I’d like to buy a decent (but not handmade etc) bread knife or set containing a bread knife, can anyone reccomend some good brands to look at?

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  • I think a Zwilling bread knife would tick the right boxes for you. We've had one for about six years now and it's doing well. Ours has an RRP of about £70 but I think we paid about £20 for it in TK Maxx

  • That's very nice. Who made it?

  • Didn’t even check I’m afraid. I was just drawn to the perfect lines when it was open. Looked a bit clumsy when closed though. Must be a bit good as it was €220, though weirdly for sale in a shop verging on Kath Kidson.

  • i'll give it a try when I'm back home.
    The handle is a whole other level of shite so it will need that changed too. And I have (maybe) learnt to pay for proper stuff. Although this time a knife in stock won over mail order.

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Knife porn thread

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