Velocity or DP 18 or CXP 33

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  • Hey WW, were you in 14, then BLB then 14 at around lunchtime today?
    if so I was on the same schedule as you, just on foot.

    BLB then 14, around 3ish! Probably plenty of us beating the same path ;-)

  • go for the dp18's.
    I had the first pair of velocities in London, they lasted about a year and a half on the front and two on the back through heavy use.
    The DP18's, however, I've had for nearly a year and look about the same as when I pulled them out of Selim's spare parts pile.

  • ridiga dp18 old stock, best street rim out there, DP18 new production pile of crap, velocity deep V bombproof slighly heavier which makes a massive difference in general street or non competitive riding:-), cxp33...nice,stiff light wouldnt call them bombproof despite the fact i have no problmes with them...also the amount of punishment your rim is gonna take equals half the quality of the rim itself half the build quality.of course your rim is gonna fail if your tension is like cheese.

  • do you know anywhere which has dp-18 old stock?

  • @Nhatt

    I think broken_777 may be right. I'm running the older DP18 rims and haven't had any issues at all, despite my rather heavy (ok, huge) frame.

    When I was putting together the Deep V Profile rims list, I did notice that there were different weights for one set of the DP18 rims, from another. This was on 2 Rigida sites. I thought at the time that a new manufacturing process was being brought in. Sadly it seems, not to improve the standard, but to cheapen it.

    I may have to look for something else for my next wheels.

  • Ah, didn't know that. The ones I have were sold to my boyfriend by Martin (small world, innit M?) before we started dating.

  • hmmm, i was planning on using dp-18s for some new wheels but i am now having second thoughts.

  • Hi polished DP18's, bomb proof so far.

  • Thing is those IRD rims contain Niobium, which is a transition metal used in superconductors and alloys for both rocket and jet engines.

    Anything used in space, is entirely the best thing to put on your bike, fact.

  • seriously nice Whizz!

    where did you get them?, if i may be so bold.

  • Anything used in space, is entirely the best thing to put on your bike, fact.

    ah. Remember the Challenger?

  • ah. Remember the Challenger?

    Radial lacing in the rocket engine....... Asking for trouble IMO.

  • at nhatt.....the ones you have are the old stock ones........the new ones are made in china..and are as stated above pile of crap........
    and as for where to buy the old everyones favourite london bike shop BLB,eh???? prepare to spend a little bit as the demand is high and supply nonexistent

  • ...and it's BLB.


    BTW, I still owe you dinner.

  • yeah dinner...;-)

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Velocity or DP 18 or CXP 33

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