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  • Since we're a very small sub forum, I thought it'd be good for a events/ spotted/sales thread.

    Today I spotted:

    a guy on this.

    and a guy with a girl on a creamy bike that looked like an EAI or something, as well as a white bike/ blue wheels doing a skid at Magdalen roundabout.
    I followed suit, and was wearing a bobble hat, and a ski jacket, as I was fucking freezing, on a blue sparkly jobby.

    Eyebrows/ Henry/ Exeter College.

  • Events wise:

    OUCC have rides every Sunday, which are pretty all welcoming, and the slow and medium paced rides are easy on a fixed.

    Oxford Bike Polo is Monday evenings.

    Critical Carnival happens every last friday of the month.

    And there is an alleycat coming up soon!

    As well as the pre announced Polo tournament:

    and clearly a whole bunch of excellent cycle based fun in the city of bikes UK.

    All you londoners with nothing better to do, get on up here.


  • As for sales,
    I got nothing yet. but trades are good, and OCW is excellent.
    that is all for now.

  • hey ho
    just up the road near bicester. ocw = lbs
    will try and get to the Sunday polo/ride next week, but may be in Mcr. Be good to ride with people for a change.
    I have a TT lever i want to get shot of. Sell or Trade.
    Also i'm on a old Raleigh, currently in summer yellow, white, pink livery.


  • belongs to my mate rob.
    why were you in exeter?

  • bump about weekend events, just for funsies.

  • bump, I couldn't make it to polo as too much work, nbut tomorrow looks like fun....

  • Just to say HI to Toby and Simon.
    (I'm so fucking shit with names- I had a puncture and so cried off back to college to work)
    Fun times today though.
    Oh and the TP was not the thing at Keble.

  • hi Henry, this is Si. that solves the mystery of why you weren't at JT. i was thinking you would have waited there to see us finish even if you weren't staying long.
    i found the actual checkpoint at keble because that's where i had to fix my chain, so i saw later people arrive and find it. toby came back for me (maybe for company or maybe because he hadn't marked checkpoints on his map, and i led him around the last few cause i knew where they all were)

  • eyebrows - toby left me when i shouted for you both to leave me behind but he came back saying he had no idea where you'd gone. it took me a few minutes to fix the damn chain cause it had come off chainring and crossed itself between sprocket and dropouts and got stuck tight. had to hammer it out with an allan key (sp?) after much tugging failed.

    credit to the spirit in oxford, lots of racers stopped to show concern. in manchester ppl are way to serious for that! we'd stop for an injury if we thought we could be of assistance but not for someone else's bike problems.

  • I shouted for toby for a bit lost him on st. Johns st somehow
    , fixed the puncture, went to the JT, didn't see you guys for a fair while and so left as I had hours of work to do.

    i'd meant to stay longer, but i needed to get the work done.
    sorry about that.

  • cheers for the early route help, was fun riding with you. good luck with finals

  • no worriess, hope to see you again, and sorry about getting lost, I warned you about my incredible ability to lose myself in oxford.

  • stoked you got your geekhouse back. seems you're more likely to read this here than in the massive thread

  • cheers man.

  • I know this thread is a bit dead thought i might try and revive it...
    Saw a nice fixed gear bianchi out side summertown wine cafe last night.

  • Is there an Oxford critical mass tomorrow?

  • oxford critical mass? what do you mean?

  • Its oxford critical carnival- every last friday of the month

    next alleycat info- ask flowmont....

  • What happend to eyebrows?
    Sorry if i missed something major!

  • ok. Just a little bumpdybump:)

  • ha bit of a dead thread anyone doing the alleycat tonight?

  • Didn't know there was one! Probably give it a miss anyway, got my first sportive down in Dorset on Sunday so resting the legs after this morning's ride. I've not made it down to polo in ages, must try harder!

  • No worries, the next alleycat is on the 7th of may. It the art attack one, basically they give everyone a boiler suit and hide artists around the city and when you find one they paint a bit of your boiler suit so buy the end your fully painted! And on the saturday (8th) there will be polo from 1 till 5 feel free to pop along for any of it.

  • http://cycleoxford.com/events
    has all the deets, hope y'all had fun at the alleycat the other day.

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Oxford Events + Spotted+ local sales

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