Road Wheels & Road Wheel Recommendations?

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  • Had Forzas and Kinlins recently, I would say at the price you can get them, go with the Forzas, but if they were full price, kinlins would be my shout.

  • That's good to know @JB and what I'd expect from DT Swiss as we've got a few pairs of their wheels here which work fine tubeless. Although the general consensus does seem to be that in order of ease of tubeless it goes Forza > Kinlin > R460Db.

    It turned out that postage from Pacenti was another tenner, so actually £140 a pair. I also realised that the forum recommended XR-31 RTS are 31mm, and honestly I'd prefer 26mm so the XR-26 RTS might make sense for me. Cycle Clinic says it's a wonderful rim and a great replacement for an SL25.

    Has anyone got any experience of these? Or ordering from Bitex Hubs?­r-26rts-asymmetrical-disc-brake/

    They're out of stock at most places but the Bitex website doesn't give a contact address or phone number and says "In stock in the UK right now!" which is making me suspicious...

  • I've had R460db set up tubeless for the past 6 years. When I first mounted them, the rim join did leak a bit as it is only pinned rather than welded. Since then I have retaped them 3 times, had at least 4 sets of tyres on and off them and not a single issue.

  • I have those exact rims in 28h on my CX bike. Over the last 2+ years they have done everything from CX races to bike packing and have been great set up tubeless with various tyres. The rear has a slight dent (all my offroad rims have dents as I like to push the limits of what is doable on a cx bike) but that hasn't seemed to affect anything.

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  • is one-and-the-same as DCR wheels. Have ordered a few times from them and fully recommend.

    AFAIK he’s importing bitex hubs and kinlin rims directly from Taiwan

  • I was about to say the same - have just had a set of wheels from them and very pleased with them I am. /yoda

  • Thanks, that's all good to know.

    @Alb and @tertius are quite right and I was wrong to doubt Bitex! I emailed them asking whether the rims were gloss or matt black and got a prompt reply from a chap called David at DCR who I presume puts the D in DCR.

    £45 for a rim that's very similar to the Forza/SL25 is perfect for this bike so I've just ordered a pair.

  • wtf is on your bars?!

  • A barbag. That ride was a little bit more than 60km round Kent

  • Let me know… pick up Maidenhead… or could post but obviously going to skew the value of the wheels!

  • I'm away for a bit. Will see what he wants to do next week. Cheers

  • Anyone looking for some training/beater wheels?­88/#comment16671582

  • Question: Switching 700 to 650b rim brake wheels would (I think) allow me more frame room to go from 35mm to a bit larger tyres. Is it worth the headache to explore this? Or not worth it based on all the downsides I can already imagine: long drop callipers, new wheels and tyres, difficulty of sourcing replacements in future etc.

    I was wondering if doing this would enable me to switch in times like a longer ride on more mtb type trails that 35mm come up short on. If anyone has done this I'd be interested to hear!

  • measure 19mm below at the bulgiest part of your 700c tyre thats where the 650b tyre will be

  • Yeah I read that, but I'm more wondering about the exact level of faff in order to gain a bit of extra tyre width and if you are still constrained by thing like caliper width. Like... Is it worth it? 🤔

  • Thanks, would be looking to go to 50mm tyres. sourcing 650b rim wheels seems tricky, Decathlon had a front wheel when I went the other day. Guess you have limited tyre options at 650b too.

  • Bad news: Hunt x Mason rear rim started splitting around rim eyelets after 2 years of mainly road use
    Good news: No quibble whole wheel replacement

  • There's loads of tyre options. Brakes and rims are more troublesome

  • Looking for some 30ish-50ish mm carbon wheels in 700c disc, £500-600 mark.
    Currently on the list;
    Vel Rl
    Lightbicycle on Bitex
    Cannondale Hollowgram 35

    Any others worth noting?

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Road Wheels & Road Wheel Recommendations?

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