Road Wheels & Road Wheel Recommendations?

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  • Yeah you can swap freehub bodies (and matching end caps) back and forth

  • There are replica DT freehub bodies on aliexpress

  • Any seller recommendations? I’m after a Campagnolo freehub.

  • I assumed so, was just cautious about a newer tech to older. Thanks

  • Are the Vel RSL’s worth the extra £300 bump over the RL’s ?

    DT240 hub and sapim cx ray spokes seem to be the upgrade. Rims the same.

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  • been looking at some new hoops for my summer bike - have to be alloy and rim brake. candidates are:

    • hunt aero race (proven pedigree but long lead time, 1479g £380);
    • prime attaquer (hunt-adjacent so probably good but kinda fugly, 1425g £330);
    • scribe race (same pros and cons as the prime's as far as I can tell, 1445g £360); or,
    • DT swiss PR 1400 dicut 21s (look v.good and you get DT swiss hubs, but they're spendy and the oxic coating may have questionable life, 1417g £730).
    • some handbuilts... ? need someone to spec something for me...

    someone please make my decision for me

  • Handbuilt. XR31’s laced to your hub of choice.

  • You’re spending enough for good after sales service so yeah (unless you’re going to get into rebuilding wheels yourself) go for a hand built from someone who guarantees their work.

    Sounds like you’re quite particular about weight. I’m not sure Hunts really weigh what they claim. I expect these do. DCR and JustRidingAlong are good too.

  • Are Knight rims any good? Are carbon rims much the same??

  • Trigger pulled on Vel RL’s

  • What's the best value dynamo rim brake wheelset for a commuter? Having a hard time finding off the shelf so open to hearing about combination of hubs + rims + local build too.

  • Thanks, slightly confused at all the different versions of the dynamo hubs. Which SP one should I pick?

  • I got a SP PD-8 (disc) dynamo wheel built by Spa earlier this year, have been impressed with it.

    SON are generally regarded as the best dynamo hubs, but they are pricy. The SP does fine for me (only occasionally used). There'll be an equivalent non-disc version of that SP.

  • I'm looking for wheel recommendations for an all road/gravel bike build. I hope to end up with two wheelset for the bike, but the first one will be more for the road/light off road end of the spectrum, to be suitable for 300km+ days for several days in a row.

    Has anyone got experience with Zipp 303 s ? What else would you recommend?


  • What else would you recommend?

    I'd recommend looking back at all the other times people have thought 2 wheelsets 1 bike was going to be the solution. Mostly they end up with one or other set gathering dust in a cupboard because, even as simple as it is, swapping wheels before going for a ride is too much hassle.

  • Hahaha, my experience exactly!

  • I have just that. Is OK but I'd rather have two different dedicated bikes if I had the room, finding time for riding is hard enough without having to change your bike setup

  • I have a set of the 303S wheels (not 303’s!). They’re a nice set of wheels, I’ve hit things fairly hard with them including a pothole that moved the bars and they still have no problems

    My only gripe with them is the hookless rim means that certain tyres aren’t approved (tubeless only & bye GP5000’s), there’s a 73 PSI max rating and the rim profile is flat between the rim wall and channel with no angle to retain a tyre so if you’re riding road tubeless then tyres have an annoying habit of popping back into the channel when they deflate. They’ve worked flawlessly with teravail 35’s but have been a pain with road 28’s

  • Haha, love this. Definitely worth considering.

    I'm mostly imagining a faster lighter summer set and something alloy to take a beating in autumn and winter- rather than swapping them every other ride.

  • Doesn’t make a lot of sense with disc brake wheels. Fast ≠ light and fast wheels aren’t inherently less durable.

    Unless your going to run tubular tyres or something.

  • Makes more sense with disc brake wheels IME as you're not also having to play around with alloy/carbon brake pads and rims of differing widths.

    My cross bike(s) get wheels swapped all the time depending what tyres etc I want. I have carbon CX tubs, chunky alloy gravel tubeless or road slick wheels all set-up ready to go. All with Hope hubs and rotors so no adjustment each time.

  • tubs

    I ninja edited before your post dropped. Yeah tubs change everything.

  • But you don’t need a summer and winter road wheelset for reasons of speed/durability, that’s a hangover from rim brakes.

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Road Wheels & Road Wheel Recommendations?

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