Road Wheels & Road Wheel Recommendations?

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  • How safe is it to ride with one spoke missing?

    Depends how may you had to start with.

  • Cheers @edscoble, crests look to fit the bill nicely. Light, wide, black and not ball breakingly expensive.
    In no rush so will investigate all the suggestions. Cheers all.

  • 32h (well 31 now) first time in my life that I snapped a spoke riding a bike!


  • Hunt wheels.

    Seem good value.


  • Been looking at Hunt wheels(disc) myself for the price seem pretty good value with all the adaptors etc. Worked out to be about the same price roughly as a novatec/sapim/pacenti sl25 or stans grail build which seem a similar shaped rim. Interested as my kinesis cx disc rear needs a new rim and in the process found a lot of the alloy nipples have seized and freehub knackered so novatec anti cassette bite and brass nipples appealed. The kinesis have been good though hoped would be a bit tougher/durable as they mainly see tarmac.

  • What mileage on the kinesis wheels ? Do you take care of your kit?

  • I haven't found the Kinesis wheels to have amazing durability either... The bearings in the Bitex hubs aren't great, the freehub body is made of soft alloy and I had to rebuild the rear wheel because the spokes were a little short and the alloy nipples broke.

  • I'd say they have done at least 6000 miles probably a fair bit more, I do though they are used all year round in all weather. The nipples seizing is due to that, have replaced the rear bearings once and the freehub is just soft and hets cassette bite easily compared to other wheels i have had. If it was just the rim that needed replacing I would do that though. They were the best option for the money when i bought them but these days are a lot more people making disc wheels. I thought the hunt 2 year warranty and 60 day return would be worth the extra money over these.

  • It's early days, but I can thus far (300 miles or so) recommend the DT swiss r24 DB disc wheelset. Tester's suggestion, so you know it's good :) bit heavier than the hunt wheels though.

  • Whoa. Kinesis off the list. They're nice and light but made of cheese? !

  • Light. Cheap. Strong. Pick two.

  • Summer use only 38-45mm Carbon clincher wheels for c£600? What are my options?

    Wiggle's new Cosine range?

    Not sure I really want China crabon, almost think it's worth paying a little extra to have them from a bigger name retailer....

    Or there are options like­onents/dcr-carbon-rims/ Yes they are a few years old in design but I can't afford the latest carbon wheels....

    Thoughts? Have considered alloys but you have to spend a lot of dollar to get something much different to my fulcrum 7s. Carbon might be more fun for trundling around Surrey - can always swap back to fulcrums for wet/windy/mountains...

    (Having said all this I'm not completely against a nice set of alloys. Basically I can't decide)

  • Just picked up a Pave 28 wheelset halfprice for £99, white rims but couldn't resist at that price, gold also available!!­earance-icon-ultra-11speed-wheelsets-202­4.htm

  • What are my options?

    What problem with your existing wheels are you trying to solve?

  • Really pleased with my Fuerte Bici 50mm. Think they are £550 but website is down ATM.

  • None. They're pretty good. Would like something a bit sharper to accelerate and am interested in something a bit more aero maybe (have only ever ridden shallow alloy). Eg I moved from some alex rims on 2200 hubs to archetypes on hope on my winter bike and it felt like I was riding a totally different beast. Subjective but apparently noticeable.

    @epilepticfridgeboy thanks will check em out!

  • In other words aero beats lightweight but the light/strong/cheap continuum applies :)

  • My point was that the idea that one wheelset accelerates better than another, is a canard.

  • All about the aeros

  • Any reason I shouldn't order a set of Hunt Aero wheels for £419?

    Is there anything else I should be considering at that price? Bearing in mind I'm 90kg.

  • For planned mid-life crisis bike I want a 50mm deep rim and considering Mavic Cosmic Pro's, Campag Bullett's, Shimano RS81 C50 and 3T Accelero 60 (!). Generally not a sensible wheelset - something that makes a whoosy sound, that looks nice and if possible a clicky freewheel.

    Anything else I should be considering ? Chinese Crabon ?

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Road Wheels & Road Wheel Recommendations?

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