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  • Guessing that riders spend quite a lot of time looking upwards too, I took this above Poole Dorset a few weeks ago and its been bugging me ever since,

    anyone seen these anywhere else? could they be advertising? over London at all?

  • Those are the new Rapha clouds. Fucking expensive but really well made. Dancing James sleeps on one.

  • That's God's polo mint that is

  • That's a very rare Cumulo Anus formation

  • The sky is asking the ground to marry it

  • Cloud of the rings.

  • Thought this thread would be about The Cloud I was wrong!

  • Bob blows asmoke ring.

  • That's a prototype 'Olympic' cloud that'll be ready for 2012. You should send the picture to the papers.

  • Is it a smoke ring from that chimney? Occam's razor.

  • All I see is a cock in an arse

  • All I see is a cock in an arse

    But on the picture?

  • I think this is the new '09 Condor..

  • Seeds

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    Tragic really

  • Hahaha, that's low.

    (He offered me sweets).

  • Velodrome in the sky innit.

  • Haha! Yeah Seeds... sucks to be you!

    Also, it was beer and fags if I recall correctly.

  • Erm... smokes I mean.

  • I'm guessing Will got bought a lot of drinks then!

  • I was helping someone find a place to live so I couldn't contribute, I even had £20 in my pocket from a cash job I did today :(

  • Bestest clouds ever

  • saw this one 2 years ago

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    • odd cloud.JPG
  • Haha! Yeah Seeds... sucks to be you!

    Think of yourself as having won a dramatically under-subscribed MTV talent show... :)

    Also, it was beer and fags if I recall correctly.

    I resent the reminder that I probably owe you about 3 packs of marlboro.

  • i like this thread. clouds are cool. and those pics are pretty incredible. wish i spotted such cool clouds... although ide probably crash lots...

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