Whats good about Stratford?

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  • Alcester? Are you joking?

    No, my mate really does live in Alcester.

  • The Olympics, natch!


  • ^Trollympics.

  • Looking forward to working in Westfield during the Olympics. Carnage, here we come!

  • Fixed.

    I know this was 3 years ago... but fuck off. There are no rats in there.

  • stratford just gets better and better
    like a fine wine

  • stratford just gets better and better
    like a fine wine

    And two years later, with the adulteration and gentrification of Dalston, Hackney, Mile End, and -dare I even say it- Hackney Wick... that above quote seems to still stand.

    But anyway, surrounding areas are nice and all. Forest Gate even got their first gastro pub recently if I'm not mistaken (the forest tavern). Not sure what locals feel about that. One man told me he preferred the cheap beer when it was an african establishment, so he now just goes to the weatherspoon down the road. There's a not too bad alternative scene in walthamstow village, some parts of leytonstone, wanstead. And obviously hackney wick is just a bike ride away - btw this weekend is hackney wicked, I know some of you will visit. The rest, give it a thought :P

  • according to robert m parker jr, it's still getting better and better

    thanks for the heads up on the hackney wickED gonna head over there now and see whats going on
    seems like some events start on the 1st

  • So Accreditation 3 at LVV for daughter, this evening.. the local area is utterly dead, I have two hours to kill, I dread Westfield utter wank and even Levi Roots won't lift my spirits. Handful of blokes drinking cans in the park spaces, steady stream of unhappy commuters trudging home, four people playing quiz night in large empty pub. No cafes or hipster bars unless you count Tina's with 2 people using free wifi, and the Velodrome Cafe shuts at 5pm.

    5 years on what progress, what legacy, where is dicki...

    Still can't wait for London Six day..

  • coooey

  • Get a beer and a pizza in Crate or whatever it's called by the canal *

    * not Stratford.

  • the last 2-3 years have seen a noticable difference in the area
    as people start occupying the 20,000 odd new flats, E20 ( not stratford, stratford city ) is beginning to look like a neighbourhood, it was a ghost town, now it's flourishing
    restaurants, pubs, eateries, off licences, cafes are now open and thriving

    tina we salute you is fine for a beer, if a little pricey, and is very close to the velodrome
    bottle apostle for the posh tramps beers option, plenty of nice places to sit around the park

    stratford e15 is still a shit hole, i also now classify where i live as maryland, it sounds better in estate agents blurb and adds an extra £15k to house prices, it has a bit more of a village feel, if that village has 2-3 gang related murders per year

    on the whole the olympic parks legacy is beginning to show through

  • Maryland as in cookie, right?

  • One of the few places in London named after a place in America.

  • What's the road loop that people play bikes on near the velopark?

    Edit: https://www.strava.com/segments/6956182?­filter=overall

  • The new cycle gyratory scheme is now open


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Whats good about Stratford?

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