Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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  • the grooverider set from that pack was great to DJ rap in that pack too but got overshadowed imo by the other twpo mixes as thye were vv good. there is a CD quality download outthere somewhere ill try to find it

  • here is the ltj fantasia mix its on sound cloud­-bukem-fantazia-takes-you-into-the-jungl­e-1994

    compressed but a decent copy no tape buzz

    actually just had a listen back to both prob about the same you were

  • Just discovered this guy, really rate him and like this mix­ixmag-in-session-mix. Just released a new EP too.

  • This just arrived and I can already tell it’s going to be awesome.

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  • Cool. Love that dark stranger track.

  • DJ Friction played a drum and bass set on the outfield at the Oval yesterday. Bit of a weird one

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  • Got a new mix just up. Mentioned a while back, but only just going out. Setlist speaks for itself...­Collective/dbnc-presents-dark-soldier-by­-theorie/

    Doc Scott – Swarm – Metalheadz
    Doc Scott – Machines – Emotif
    Ray Keith – Dark Solider – Dread
    Zinc – Toothbrush (Remix) – True Playaz
    Moving Fusion – Turbulence – Ram Records
    Andy C – Cause & Effect – Ram Records
    Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force – Phantom Audio
    Dillinja – Violent Killa – Valve
    Dillinja – Silver Blade - Prototype
    Krust – Cold War – Talking Loud
    Optical – Shape the Future (Remix) - Metalheadz
    Mampi Swift – Resurrection – Charge
    Capone – Submerge – Hard Leaders
    Mask – Mad Professor – Dope Dragon
    Krust – Kloakin Devices – Full Cycle
    Dillinja – Acid Trak – Pain
    Future Forces – Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix) – Renegade Hardware

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  • Just checked it out. I can’t get on with this music at all these days.

  • Ordered a copy of that Saturday night when pissed, just remembered and looking forward to getting it now.

    Thanks for posting and putting up the playlist.

    I love the early Ragga Twins vibe, still have loads of SUAD on vinyl.

  • I never realised until about 6 months ago that Ragga Trip was a version of Demon Rock's Hard Drugs:­aCY&ab_channel=RawMusicCollectorsPanam%C­3%A1507

    Saw them years ago in the Moon Club Bristol (before it became Lakota)

  • Just listened to an old tape that had this on it. So awesome. Boom-boom-boom boyaka!

  • Speaking of Telep, I wish my copy of this wasn't so knackered. Sounds like the same guy on the Mic as in that advert:­enny-Khan­2fA

  • Happy Friday­0/1rt

    Matrix – Apache – Virus
    Matrix – Temperament – Virus
    Ed Rush & Optical – Point Blank – Virus
    Ed Rush & Optical – Millennium – Virus
    Stakka & Skynet, DJ Skinny – Straight Jacket – Underfire
    Bad Company – Forgotten – BC Recordings
    Stakka & Skynet – Decoy – Underfire
    Bad Company – Dead-Side – BC Recordings
    Ed Rush & Optical – Compound – Virus
    Konflict – Phobia – Renegade Hardware
    Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation – Virus
    Absolute Zero – Colours in Noise – Renegade Hardware
    DJ Kane – System (Optical & Fierce Remix) – Renegade Hardware
    Deep Rooted – Illuminati – Nu Black
    Daniel Savine – This Time (Dom & Roland Remix) – Skunkrock Productions
    Shogun – Together (John B Remix) – Renegade Hardware
    Trace & Nico – Replicant – Idiosyncratic Records

  • Love Apache - can't wait to listen to the whole thing

  • I put that in there specially for you 😉

    It’s such a tune. That LP had passed me by, but there’s loads of good tracks on there. My vinyl splurge is showing no signs of slowing so expect one or two more like this one...

  • Wowie.

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  • Postie’s been 😁

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  • While I’m mostly unimpressed by recent stuff I’ve heard, I don’t think it’s all bad. Mentioned a few times that I’m really digging the stuff Trace is putting out, but there’s a few other bits I’ve picked up in addition to the Retox LP.

    Here’s a blend with some vintage but pretty fitting Source Direct thrown in for good measure. Check the drop to (and climb back from) 150bpm for the Acid Lab stuff (which I love). Wasn’t quite sure how to manage that...

    SpecOne - Recover - Humanoid
    Trace - Template - Humanoid
    Raiden - Type0 - Humanoid
    Trace - Abyss - 117
    Source Direct - A Made Up Sound - Metalheadz
    Source Direct - Wanton Conduct - Science
    Trace - Tactic - 117
    Trace - Retox - 117
    Acid Lab - Shadow Recruit - AGN7 Audio
    Acid Lab - Ssecret Weapon - AGN7 Audio
    Trace - Ditch - 117
    Dynamix_NZ - Kaosphere - DSCI4
    Dynamix_NZ - Cl.d Heat - DSCI4
    Source Direct - Dubstar - Scinence
    Trace - Dark 8 - 117

  • Another batch. 96-98. The Dom & Rolands are especially tough. Waiting on a couple more (Krust Gentic Manipulation and Die Slide Away) for another mix.

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  • Neurofunk pt. 2­m2/qLh

    Predator - Syphon - 5HQ
    Red One - Strangled Duck (Origin Unknown Remix) - Liftin Spirit
    Trace & Optical - Mecury Switch - Virus
    Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion - V
    Ron - Space Jazz (Krust Remix) - Parousia
    Trace & Optical - Kridian - Virus
    Origin Unkown - Broken Road - Ram
    Ryme Tyme & Optical - Ghostbuster - Virus
    Inta Warriors - Inta (Special Forces Remix) - Prototype
    Ram Trilogy - Gridlock - Ram
    DJ Freedom - The Zone - Ram
    Ram Trilogy - Human Future - Ram
    Origin Unknown - Termination - Ram
    DJ Freedom - Chainsaw - Liftin Spirit
    Konflict - State of Mind - Renegade Hardware
    Bad Company - Seizure - Virus
    Trace - Sonar (Optical & Trace Remix) - Prototype

  • Put together a 165bpm track for this months lufgus music makering challenge bit of a work in progress, jungalists may enjoy link

  • Nice one. Feeling it.

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Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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