Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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  • Please do! Would love to see what you’ve got. What were the prices like then? Seems that you’d be lucky to get that sort of thing for under £50 nowadays - usually a lot more.

  • Might have to wait until I can get this for the steppy mix...­

  • New mix up. Will do a tracklisting when I get a chance, but it is all steppy stuff. Pulp Fiction, Shadow Boxing, Drumz '95, a few jump up bassline tunes. Jazzy, techy, dark in places. All flavours of step.­

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  • Right, had (evidently a lot) more time this evening than I thought I would. Here's the track list and some waffle, because why not. I also just noticed that all my hour mixes lately have been 17 tracks long. Wonder why. Illuminati death algorhythms!

    Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction – Metalheadz [METH011]
    Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction – Metalheadz [METH011]
    Rogue Unit – Jazz Steppin' (Test Press mix) – Labello Blanco Recordings [NCB27]
    Fellowship – Coming On Strong – Defunked [DFUNKD002]
    Doc Scott – Drumz '95 (Nasty Habits Remix) – Metalheadz [METH015]
    Undercover Agent – Hypnosis Remix – Juice Records [ECIUJ011R]
    Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing – 31 Records [31R002]
    Ed Rush Nico – Technology (Boymerang Remix) – No U-Turn [NUT018R]
    T Power – The Mutant Remix – SOUR [SOUR026]
    Adam F – Metropolis – Metalheadz [MET H023]
    Dope Skillz – Out Of Bounds – Global Thang [GTR12029]
    Harmony – Love Me – Deep Jungle [DAT 026]
    Omni Trio – Soul Of Darkness (Promenade 96 Rollout) – Moving Shadow [SHADOW80]
    P-Funk – Serious Sounds – Frontline Records [FRONT035]
    TNT – Check Dis Out – Live Recordings [LIVE006]
    The – X – New Dawn (ST-Files Rmx) – Jump Up [JUMPUP001R]
    Concept 2 – Cause N' Effect – Ram Records [RAMMLP 1]
    D-Bridge & Vegas – True Romance – Metalheadz Platinum [METPLA001]

    Pulp Fiction. Such a pure classic. Dark and classy. I remember hearing this on a friend's brother's mix for the first time and just being so intrigued by it. You can really see how much this must have been a big deal in the Blue Note era - just totally different and out there, but undeniably drum and bass. The mix here is from Platinum Breakz phased with a single sided bootleg copy I have. I really don't know why I have that. I remember around the time I got it that there was a story going around about Goldie throwing someone down a set of stairs for a bootleg remix. I wonder what he would have done to IMO Records or whoever it was that had these pressed up. Brave.

    Jazz Steppin'. My DJ buddy Ornsman had this and would slyly bring it out and refer to it as an unofficial/unreleased 'Pulp Fiction remix', which let's face it, it pretty well could be. To this day I am sweating him for details about it that I think he knows - I only recently got enough info to actually manage to get hold of a copy. Not much action on the Discogs entry, but there is another copy for sale! Just generally, this tune bangs. I often find myself nodding and tapping away to the rhythm. As the 'cogs entry says "It's the mix played by DJs such as Randall, Peshay, Kenny Ken and Fabio." I can see why.

    Coming On Strong. This is another relatively recent acquisition. It was on a compilation mix CD from around 2000 that I still have somewhere. At the time I wasn't interested in getting stuff like this on vinyl because I was stupid and bought all the really hard and heavy stuff and dance floor bangers. I'm no more likely to get a gig now, but I'm wise enough to think that if I did (which I won't), it's stuff like this that people would actually groove to, or at least not immediately evacuate the dancefloor when it came on. I think this really gels with Pulp Fiction/Jazz Steppin' in general - it's classy and really, desperately underrated. A few quid on Discogs.

    Drumz '95. Can't really say too much about this. Love cutting this one into the mix. I think I first heard it on a mix by a guy who's mixes I used to download on sight and were always brilliant - DJ eXtreme, who I must try and look up. It mixed into Dylan, Witchcraft

    , which is another amazing track that would have gone well here, but is slightly too dark.

    Hypnosis Remix. Christ this tune took me a long time to get hold of! I had it on a tape pack mix and remember in those days (99/00) recording little clips using a walkman into a sound card with Sound Forge, posting on RollDaBeats for tune IDs. I think I must have got it ID'd as 'Hypnosis', later ending up tracking down the original and then been massively disappointed because it's shit.

    Shadow Boxing. I think I first heard this on the exact same tape pack as the Hypnosis remix. In truth, it's never done it for me that much and I was in two minds about throwing it into this mix, but I think it works - it's just that little bit too dark and loud - I actually think that about some of Doc Scott's other tracks - even though I LOVE them, they are almost unmixable because they just sound better if you stand back and listen from start to finish. Especially all of this. Anyway, Shadow Boxing is so classic and not one I think I get bored of and ever don't want to hear.

    Technology (Boymerang Remix). Fuck. Ing. Tune. I could just leave it there. Pure cyber-tech-funk-step-badddddness. How can you not nod your head and bubble to this one? This one has me doing all sorts of weird noises, jerky movements and hand gestures. Another one I think is really underrated. From three quid on Discogs!!!

    Mutant Remix. This is the best mix of this track. I remember getting the 'Revisted' mix on vinyl first, but it's just too overblown and noisey - and they didn't even stop there - I think they'll still be remixing this in 100 years for reasons beyond me. This track is so out of place on the Shy FX 'De Ja Vu' compilation - wrongly listed, but better named as 'Mutant Jazz' - that's where I first heard it. My sister's then boyfriend lent me a flight case of garage and drum and bass when I first got my 1210s in 2001. To be fair, that comp has some good tracks on it like R-Type and Dirty Games, but this one really stuck with me from then.

    Metropolis. Just goes nicely into this mix, really. Great track. For trivia's sake, I have this on another shonky bootleg (sorry, I'm a bad person), which has 'Circles' on the other side.

    Out of Bounds. I have been trying to track this tune down for years and years. It was on a compilation mix CD by Nicky Blackmarket, but the artist was listed as 'Pacific' which must be another alias of Dopeskills (Zinc). Anyway, I fucking love it. The flip is great too - just a slightly different mix. It's just one of those tunes I can't help getting energy to. This would have me right up at the DJ booth in an instant. And it has Aliens samples, so.

    Love Me. This only just came out so I can't say much about it. I'm loving the stuff coming out from Deep Jungle. This is definitely one of my favourites. A nice, subtly, understated roller.

    Promenade 96. I love how punchy and constant the beat is. I came across it lately due to a minor obsession with the second generation 'Think', 'Kid 'n' Play' break.

    Serious Sounds. This is from a couple of years earlier than 'Coming on Strong', but is a tune that I didn't give enough respect then either. I must have heard this a lot at Fabric but not listened to it, if that makes sense. I'd say 'classic bassline', but it's £1.50 on Discogs!

    Check Dis Out. This one is only 0.74p on Discogs! I will never forget this tune. Not just because it is fucking wicked to shock out to, but I specifically remember it on a black cassette tape that we listened to in our friend's Clio - lots of misspent youth there, I tell thee. I think it was Mickey Finn and MC Bassman. I have that tape in my loft I am sure. I will check this weekend.

    New Dawn. Just all round brilliant. Stands up to anything.

    Cause N' Effect. Those bells! This was another track that was hard to get. It was one that you would hear Andy C often bring into sets over the years. I would have heard it first a few years after it came out in '96, and back then it was basically a case of waiting for stuff to turn up on eBay, unless you got extremely lucky at Beanos or Flashback or whatever (not HTFR lol). Must have got it at some point though. I think this could get anyone moving. Would love to hear this out on a big system again one day.

    True Romance. I remember when this came out and it was treated like the second coming of Christ. It's good and everything and I like it a lot, but I don't know if this has stood the test of time to the older stuff here, personally. Around then (2004) things were just sounding so cheap and bashy and crashy, and this just reigned it in a bit. It always made me think of Pulp Fiction a bit so thought it would be a good track to end the mix on, but listening to them now, I know which one I still prefer.

    Thanks for listening to my Ted talk.

  • Serious Sounds was the last record I bought, maybe 18 months ago.

    I really enjoyed listening to it on my hd25s and Vestax portable deck

    Cheers for the mix and bonus words @J0nathan

  • Look forward to listening to this while I shampoo the car upholstery later.

    Why do you think you won’t get gigs out of interest? You seem to know a huge amount and have an unreal collection.

  • Thanks guys.

    It’s always been a struggle to play anywhere. I did get sets at university on-campus stuff, but nights are generally rare and super competitive to get a slot.

    I’ve been trying to chip away at letting this local ‘collective’ called Electronic17 give me a set somewhere. I’ve been sending them mixes as I’m sure there’s room for some not-too heavy jazzy/intelligent stuff, but haven’t got anywhere with them after a couple of years of trying. I send out mixes that aren’t too heavy to pubs and record shops and they say they’ll listen and get back to me, but really I don’t think they put them on.

    Not too long ago I even discovered a local cafe had an open decks night. I sent them loads of unanswered messages and spent ages selecting a range of stuff to take down to the next scheduled one, only to get there and the place was shut indefinitely!

    There’s internet radio, which I reckon I could get some slots on again, but that was always a pretty big commitment each week and was before I was ‘with child’ 😆

    Hopefully, post corona, everyone will be so live music starved that there’ll be more demand and I can get on somewhere around Hackney Wick - there’s so many places there that there’s got to be space for some trendy jungle.

    Thanks for listening to my sob story.

  • Downloaded looking forward to listening 👍👍👍.

  • .

  • The stepper is a stepper. Love it. Really nice double up on pulp fiction made me smile 😁. mix is great. Just my cup of tea
    shadow boxing still gives me goose bumps, I know what you mean about doc Scott tracks being too heavy but shadow boxing sits just right for me and also hearing out while off ya napper helps 😂.

    REWIND REWIND.... I'm listening as I type

    Out if bounds!!!!!!!! Not heard this before 😲😲😲😲😲 3 x rewind. Thanks for putting up the tracks list 🙏🙏

  • X4 rewinds!

  • Haha! Glad you like it!

    I should have put this in the mix too:­8gE

    Maybe I'll do a part 2.

  • This is a great thread ... raving to Top Buzz back in day. "D A R K dark ... you know we are well into that" !!

  • Today's new arrivals. Particularly happy with Tech Steppin. Wanted that for a while for 'Machines', but didn't want to pay £35+ on Discogs. I spontaneously googled it, though, and found it on sale, mint, on Oxfam of all places - for £16!­7CQ

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  • I remember getting that when it first came out! (On CD rather than vinyl though). I probably should give a it listen again.

  • Another one for stepper part 2👍

  • just listening to a bukem mix and this tune came on as the outro. always loved this one.­Siw

  • Thanks for this netfilx doc - completely obsessed w/ UK dance music culture, particularly the more gritty shit.

  • Love Orca/Koda and Acro (Orca backwards, which took me far too long to spot!)

  • There’s another one that came out lately which I haven’t seen yet. Caused a bit of grief as some labels were deemed not to have been given their dues (Reinforced, Shadow, V - I think)

  • Ahh amazing ty - only one i've seemed to watch on that list is the Bukem one. A friend just sent me this .

    Not Jungle per se, but here's a nice hybrid number to top it off - Forest Drive West put a release on R&S recently and I seriously rate it. Badass show on NTS recently too w/ Raji Rags;­noko

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Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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