Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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  • Love the unique Basement sound, got every release up till mid-‘94 on vinyl.

    The other Electronic Experienced EP is a scorcher too.

  • They repressed both on a double-pack! Was very happy to get given that for my birthday.­ienced-Electronic-Experienced/release/13­379743

  • Sounding nice from PC:­us/1296403612608888838?s=21

    Looking forward to this, too.

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  • Man this tune sounds so heavy pitched down to mix with older stuff

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  • Nice bit of dark jazziness. Check the whale song on the breakdown.

  • Just managed to snag something really rare that I've wanted for years. Never sold on Discogs before and not on YouTube. It sounds almost like a remix of Pulp Fiction. Rouge Unit - Jazz Steppin' - original mix only ever came out on a single sided test press. The mix that eventually came out is just a completely different tune. Got to assume that after being played out by the DJs it got shut down.

    My mate had a copy - it's in here at 11:30:­j-ornsman-mix-millennium-style-jungle-sh­ow/

    In addition to the spacey/dark mix I'm working on, will put this into a steppy/jump-up type one with some other stuff I've been getting together, like:­Z2A

  • New mix is now up.

    This is deep/spacey/techy/dark stuff.

    Think hyperspacing into distant galaxies, finding alien civilisations of androids and mutants warring across time and space. This mix is like an entire series of Red Dwarf. Only darker and more mysterious.

    I’ve wanted to kick off a mix with the first track for a long time. I have it on compilation and had the record playing in the background. All of a sudden I thought “this samples The Fifth Element soundtrack”... except it pre-dates it by three years...

    There’s a lot of Lucky Spin/Dee Jay stuff - which had that sound down to a fine art - before it transitions into some of my favourite, less obvious 96/97 techstep which still keeps the deeper atmospheric vibe going. I love the Tech Itch one. It’s probably the hardest thing on there and it just absolutely kicks. It finishes with a personal favourite 2002 record, which is where the cover image comes from. It samples ‘Event Horizon’, hence the title of the mix.

    The later tracks end up needing to be pitched down quite a lot to match the bpm of the earlier ones from the start, which I actually think they benefit from. 160bpm ftw!

    Bit longer but should still fit on a CD. Try and let the tunes breath here as some are real soundscape works of art - the second breakdowns in Media or Warpdrive Remix are just things to behold.

    Enjoy. Next mix coming in a few weeks.­-gravity-locked-down-in-space/

    Code Blue - Angels in Dub - Dee Jay Recordings [DJX017]
    Crystl - Meditation (Remix) - Dee Jay Recordings [DJX018]
    Atlas - Drifting Thru The Galaxy - Dee Jay Recordings [DJX021]
    DJ Fokus - Watch Out - Suicide Records [FOKUS2]
    Adrian Blunt & Lord Scarak - Commence the Science - Black & White Records [ROLL001]
    DJ Fokus - Media - Suicide Records [FOKUS2]
    DJ Fokus - Chill Out - Blueprint Records [PCS002]
    DJ Crystl - Your Destiny - Dee Jay Recordings [DJX016]
    DJ Crystl - Warp Drive (Remix) - Dee Jay Recordings [DJX018]
    Jon The Dentist - France (DJ Trace & Ed Rush Remix) - Pyramid [TECLP24SP10]
    Ed Rush & Nico - Comatone - No U-Turn Records [NUT017]
    Ed Rush - August (Remix) - No U-Turn Records [NUT014]
    Dom & Roland - Mechanics - 31 Records [31R003]
    Cybernet vs Genetix – Cyborg Two - Emotif Recordings [EMF012]
    Cybernet vs Genetix – Program Two - Emotif Recordings [EMF011]
    Decoder - Elements (Tech Itch Remix) - Second Movement Recordings [SMR25]
    Dom & Roland - Firewire - Moving Shadow [ASHADOW28LP]

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  • Found my first mixer when looking for something in the loft. No EQ on this badboy.

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  • @J0nathan enjoyed that mix, some nice tribal beats

  • Glad you liked it! Love the spooky, ethereal older stuff. Your Destiny has got to be one of my absolute all time favourite tunes.

  • [drum n bass tracks exclusive to albums rabbit hole]

    I started going through those and didn’t recognise most of them except Jungle Tekno.

    I’ve got Lost In Space Drum n Bass, the first one, which must have been ‘99 or ‘00, right at the end of when I was into jungle and dnb. It’s a really good compilation and I didn’t know there were others.

    Also, slightly bizarrely, I’ve got that one no.62 Club 2 Def. I got it in the old market that used to be in the car park next to New Covent Garden and it was a 4 disc set for £2.99 or something. Mostly rubbish. Chill disc was good. No idea where it went but I don’t think I’ve got it any more.

    The Sub Base Joint LP no. 84 is WELL WORTH getting, it’s BRILLIANT!

    Surprised the rest of the Hard Leaders series aren’t on there. I don’t remember much of that stuff ever being on singles, or ever being played. Same goes for the Strictly Underground / Strictly Hardcore stuff (Illegal Pirate Radio, Illegal Rave etc. Don’t remember ever seeing any of that stuff outside of their compilations! Sorry, Strictly Kev, you needed to work harder on your promos!

  • Little mess about with Pulp Fiction for the next mix

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  • I'll have to get The Joint.

    Played a couple off this in the last mix I did. You have to really bump the gain and EQ to max, but actually played alright in the end:­izznizz-Volume-One/master/48431

    I don't mind playing stuff off comps any more, unless they are shorter versions that fade out. Hate that.

    I was also thinking about that - did all these tunes actually get air time in raves and on pirate radio? Were all the random (not very good) tracks still out there on dubs?

  • Club 2 Def!!

    I bought this pack new when I was 13, found it in a long-lost box whilst moving house a few years ago along with a few other jungle compilation packs. The ‘jungle’ disc lives in my car’s CD changer for solitary nostalgia drives.

    Most of the tunes on all the discs are utter toss!

  • As an utter jungle fiend of many years, the only problem I have with jungle these days is that I've heard almost all of it.

    It's such a phenomenally well categorised genre, I'd say that there is very little to be dredged up from lofts and hard drives that hasn't done so already.

    UKG on the other hand continues to offer surprise after surprise, with a considerable amount of unreleased DAT and dubplate material and forgotten short run test presses still constantly appearing.

    Anyway, still love it of course, it's just hard to get that initial high without hearing something I've never listened to before. I find myself nerding out over CD's where not all the tracks were put out on the LP due to lack of room...

    ANYWAY some stuff to check out - Big up BIZZY B the grandmaster of all jungle, GOLDSEAL Records and all the subsidiary labels from North London = hugely under the radar and totally fantastic, Sky Joose, Lennie D Ice / Do Or Die, MC Duke / Hard Disk, blow your mind with the X. T. C. EP which was made by some guys from Peckham, any early Dillinja, 93-95 Ibiza releases and Potential Bad Boy in general, Mark Caro, Black Cat Premier Crew, Dub Rush, Strictly Underground, Sub Assertive Sounds, Dread I Knight, Vibe Alive / Lewi, Kemet, Da Maytrix, Jay Parkes and Tone E G, Love Dove Jay, Calculus, Rogue Recordings, Law and Auder, Wicked Soundz / Mendoza, Mystical / Stooge, Rough Tone, A Guy Called Gerald, Goops, Hyper Records, Lloydie Crucial, One Touch Recordings, Bear Necessities.


  • Given the recent chat about them, over lunch I did a (very) rough and ready mix of tracks off some compilations I grabbed off the shelf in no particular order.

    Got called a couple of times and had to reply to emails so it's not my best mixing - and the levels are tricky to match between some of these, but seems a shame to just bin it.­-throw-down/

    Will do a tracklisting at some point, but I particularly like the first and last track - the last one, off the Telepathy Dubs thing, actually sounds like a dub - that record is completely knackered!!!

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  • Nice - some good stuff to go through there. I'd not heard of the XTC EP and had a little listen to that earlier. Amazing. That seems like something that MPS should try and get out.

    On the emergence of unreleased or rare dubs, there is some interesting discussion on the depth of Discogs about that being abused. Some guy even got out a spectrogram to prove something was a brand new production, over some unearthed unreleased Tom & Jerry:­-I-Surrender/reviews#c1306958

  • Ha! Had this inkling about some of the ‘unreleased’ stuff...

  • Check out the story here too. I can't work out if it's meant to be tongue in cheek or not.­y-2-spice

  • If you liked the XTC, check out their other release.


  • That is fantastic. I absolutely love the super obscure WLs. I wonder if I can rip a load from YouTube and use my pioneer controller to string a mix together. I can feel a fun project coming on.

  • Some tuff obscure white selections there.

    I was completely obsessed with collecting ‘91-‘93 ‘Not On Label’ whites about 15 years ago, got most of the above and a load more on the shelves that I haven’t touched for years. Might be time to dig them out...

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Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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