Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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  • Ha! Great reminiscing. Here’s something to take you back. Go to 15:10...

    This just makes me want to invent a time machine

  • Just recorded a new mix. Plan is to do a series of three that include recent purchases, mixed up with a few favourites and classics. First one is more of a hardcore selection, second will be jungle, third drum and bass. Might get to the jungle one this afternoon with any luck!­k-down/

    Mega City 2 - Spice - 8205 Recordings [8205-11]
    DJ Crystl - Warpdrive - Deejay Recordings [DJX0010]
    Origin Unknown - Voyage to the Future - Liftin Spirit Records [ADMM49]
    Mad Dog - My God - Underdog Recordings [UDR005]
    Origin Unknown - Second Sight - Liftin Spirit Records [ADMM49]
    FBD Project - The Core - Bang-in Tunes [BITR001]
    Intense - Paradox - Rugged Vinyl [RUGGED7]
    Tom and Jerry - Make U Fell Betta - Reinforced [SHELL015]
    The Invisible Man - The Journey - 7th Storey Projects [7TH12008]
    Pugwash + Probe - The Tomb Part Two - i-d Records [ID3]
    On Remand - Controlin' (Tango RMX) - Underworld Vinyl [UW001]
    Hyper-on Experience - Lords of the Null Lines (Foul Play and Randall Remix) - Kniteforce Records [KF99R]
    The Alliance - New Creation (Unreleased Mix) - Sublogic Recordings [SLRV009]
    DJ Gwange - Motionless - Legend Records [LEG007]
    On Remand - Blacksteel (Part 2) - Crack House Productions [CH002]
    DJ Crystl - Deep Cover - Freakout Recordings [FOR001]
    Hired Gun - What Goes On - Spandangle Selection [SSV12]

  • And another one...­-the-jungle/

    LTJ Bukem - Music - Good Looking Records [GLR04]
    DR S Gachet - Remember The Roller - Audio Maze Recordings [AUMR001]
    Shimon & Andy C - Recharge - Ram Records [RAMMLP1]
    Jo - R-Type (The Remix) - Awesome Records [SLO22]
    Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows - Ram Records [RAMM16]
    Dollar Don Paul - Rough Rider - Jet Star Records [DP011]
    DJ Business - Ringa A Ling - Jungle Mania Records [JM3]
    Deep Blue - Helicopter - Moving Shadow [SHADOW41]
    Dillinja - Sovereign Melody VIP - Deep Jungle [DAT022]
    DJ Monk & Topcat - Love Me Sess - Deep Jungle [DAT025]
    DJ SS - Hearing is Believing (Remix) - Formation Records [FORM12054]
    Tom & Jerry - Air Freshner 2000 - Reinforced Records [SHELL016]
    Subnation - Turn Me On - Deep Jungle [DAT023]
    Tom & Jerry - Straight to a Soundbwoy - Reinforced Records [SHELL016]
    Harmony - When You Hold Me - Deep Jungle [DAT024]
    DJ Crystl - Let it Roll (Remix) - Lucky Spin [STU5]
    Harmony - Cali Sound - Deep Jungle [DAT024]
    DJ Lewi - You Better Run - Kemet [LEWI1]
    Harmony - Flair - Deep Jungle [DAT024]
    DJ Lewi - After Hours - Kemet [LEWI1]

  • Didn't know I needed this in my life. Booyaka and big up to the op of this thread. Wicked jungle!

  • Pulling records for my third ‘drum and bass’ lock down mix and am including this one. Didn’t realise it was Aphrodite. The flip side is just as good, but I’m really Sunday vibing to that twinkly piano and skittering breaks. Female vocal and booming bass on the drop. Hold tight all crews! Most uplifting.

  • Another one pulled for the drum and bass mix. On the deep and intelligent vibe.­sVM&feature=emb_logo

  • The breakbeat in that made me think of some of the earlier Good Looking Records releases for some reason. Couldn't find the red label one I was thinking of that I had in the loft but these were similar era:­CZM­sSQ

    Nothing like it, lol! But then I saw Atlantis was on Good Looking. Didn't know Good Looking went that far back!­3fs

  • First 12” I’ve got like this, with an extra large centre label.

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    • AB1FA709-5383-40EB-B015-81EBFE0B4096.jpeg
  • In a jump up mood. Huuuuge amen second drop on this.

  • Realised I haven’t been active. Problem with forgetting the old account login details. DJ crystl was part of the old collection. Bought that back when BM Soho were still open. The others are recent additions

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    • F5B429D1-3A65-46EA-B22A-636DB6482F20.jpeg
    • CA832239-9574-47EB-B5E5-B8617B116EAC.jpeg
  • Another classic although sleeve has seen better days!

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    • 675647B1-009F-4B27-BE9C-4F0FFCE07C54.jpeg
  • Love all those tracks so much big fan of the dirfity floaty good-looking stuff. 👍

  • @J0nathan Really enjoyed the mixes you out up. - thanks

  • Cheers dude! Always glad to hear that :)

    Will do the next one this week I think. And is angled towards the drifty floaty stuff @Rich_G @Jonny69

    I was actually having a mess around earlier and was playing PFM and Intense stuff I’ve cued up for that mix, but then grabbed this and it all got a bit dark...

  • I’m really behind on your mixes. Came in with good intentions to work through them all but will hit reset and start again with this one!

  • Tune in whenever! Should be something for any jungle lover on the hearthis page 😁

    As often happens, a tune just randomly popped into my head. It was this one.

  • Acen record! Mate!

    I think Window In The Sky was the first record I bought. You literally never saw Acen tracks on vinyl so I just snatched it off the shelf without listening to it, off the back of Trip II The Moon being so epic. Was a bit disappointed at first, but then the DMS remix was sooooo hard hitting through big speakers it was difficult to dislike it.

    The rest of the whole Window In The Sky thing was utter shit though. I wondered what went wrong with the Acen as they never turned out any good tunes after that.

    My mate bought Krome and Time - The Slammer on the same day, also bought blind. That was a lucky buy! Lucky sod also managed to bag Slammin Vinyl - Fucking Hardcore, Doc Scott - NHS, Ray Keith remix of Inesse and a couple of others all bought without listening.

  • What’s quite interesting about Warpdrive is that the repress is worth as much as the original.

    Although it’s less surprising when you think it’s 13 years between original press and repress, and repress and today 🤯 . There are a few repress records from the 2000s/2010s that are £££.

    I was looking at the reviews on Discogs though, as I’ve been a bit obsessed with it lately. It’s such a complete classic. Hence why I had to drop it in my recent mix (😁), and it appears that the mix you have there is slightly different to the original.

    Unfortunately Crystl’s tracks are currently being distributed by ‘Hardcore Junglism’, hence all the rubbish YouTube videos of the tunes, so I’ve not heard them side by side.

  • So I've got the Warpdrive releases down as follows:

    1993 Dee Jay DJX010 on the AA side of Meditation. Know those ones well.

    And there's a 1994 release on DJX018, Sour remix of Meditation on A and Sour remix of Warpdrive on B side. I don't remember these. Sour remix of Meditation is HEAVY. Can't seem to find it on Youtube though.

    I don't have these on vinyl, they're mp3s in the Old Skool Label Releases archives.

  • Yeah I was wanting to listen to the remix release lately, wondering if it’s worth getting (is it?), but then always ultimately remember that Hardcore Junglism is going to report any unauthorised uploads and will only upload clips of what is for sale on the official site.

    Pretty sure some Dillinja tunes’ licensing are under the same control. All very weird and annoying. I think Hardcore Junglism thought they’d recruit all the artists but then ran into a big fat no from a lot of the faces in the scene, as they obviously would, but haven’t ever gone away.

    I read on the ‘Private Plates’ group on Facebook that Deejay back cat is never going to get repressed. Haven’t looked further into who owns it all etc, but those guys seem best placed of anyone to tease out stuff, so seems that stuff is what it is - so invest in them NM Discogs!

  • But yeah, the original is DJX0010, the remix is DJX0019, and there was a ‘repress’ in 2007 that is DJXV002 which has the original mix of Meditation on one side but a slightly different version of Warpdrive on it - which @Mick has.

    This is all going off Discogs comments, which are always interesting

  • Yup you are right!

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  • Some other gems in the collection.

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    • F14B0D76-43A8-42CF-9CD1-35B92C733310.jpeg
  • ^ such classics 👌

    Since coming across that Runninz tune up thread, I’ve been trying to listen to more of the label. I’m not surprised it’s all good as it’s Marvellous (Hitman “You play that bloody jungle music all night”) Cain - who never made a shit tune it seems.

    Never heard of this before and it is absolutely tearing. Have bagged this and the aforementioned Runninz - I might have to bloody get them all and do a tribute mix.

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Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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