Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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  • Tear down da whole place!

  • Riddim!

    It was so much faff to basically get a 20 minute set together. I need to go Rekordbox/Pioneer full time.

  • I can't find a link or news article anywhere, but I have seen some social media posts about a series of three documentaries coming onto iPlayer tomorrow - Garage, Jungle, Grime. Will post up links tomorrow when I can find them...

  • They are all on there now. Search for ‘made in Britain’. All only 15mins, sadly.

  • Is the V one out yet?

  • Not sure. Haven’t heard about that in a while.

  • Going live on Twitch in about 30mins. Techstep.

  • Out out tonight with a school dad but will definitely catch up tomorrow. Right up my alley along with the Brizzle one

  • Annoyingly this has happened.

    Hopefully I can download the full audio and up it somewhere else. I’m actually wondering about shifting to a pre-recorded podcast in general, so might not bother with Twitch much longer anyway.

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  • Very surprised that this got blocked out.

  • What about mixcloud live? they don't block, I listened for a bit but was watching football

  • I'll check that out!

    They say 'muted' but what the mean is 'deleted' - I downloaded it and there is no audio in the d/l either. Annoying.

  • Just listened back to the Techstep set and so annoying that Twitch just deleted portions of it. Other tracks that got deleted are Piper and Where’s Jack the Ripper - which worked really well together. Oh well. Another reminder to record the set at the same time.

    Here’s one that didn’t and I’ve been jamming to all day. Yo! Check this out, check this out, check me out…

  • Went to a ‘drum and bass’ thing at Printworks today and it was truly god awful.

    Trance and bass elephant fart jump up dog shit. But…. the crowd were loving it.

    On the rare occasion something ‘good’ got player (Acid Track and Black are the only tracks I recognised) it felt like I was the only person to make a fuss.

    Andy C and Fabio were both playing when I left and they were both playing totally alien cack.

    It has really aged me because there were plenty of people loving it.

  • There is a huge amount of utter dog shit out there and most of it is devoid of funk, flow or feel its just ridiculous farty base and stupid build ups. But it might be age I don't get it either and I'm old.

  • It’s so awfully bad that I feel like I need to stress that I don’t like ‘that stuff’, whatever it is, and that it isn’t what I feel is ‘drum and bass’.

  • I agree. but understand why some djs are playing it... The kids love it and there has been a year with out gigs so I guess they can't be picky hopefully as kids get into stuff they seek out the better stuff.

  • Oh yeah and happy birthday to Goldie today

  • @J0nathan loving that "large amounts of juice" mix proper. Proper zoned out in to it when I was running home from work tonight. Recommended to others .
    Theorie - Large Amounts of Juice [vinyl] - Late 90s Steppy Drum & Bass [2021]­ofjuice

  • Great to hear! Appreciate it!

    I didn’t get to record it, but I prepped a set I want to record today as therapy after last night’s disappointment. I think I will leave streaming for a little while to record a few more sets that I have mapped out. Don’t seem to have the time to do both right now. Will try and get that mix done by the weekend and post it straight up.

    Here’s a taster…

  • Spinscott posted on Facebook that he has a new UK bookings agent. Will be keenly following updates for gigs…

  • What was the age spread like? I have seen that General Levy is playing in Lakota (one of my local clubs) soon, I would love to go along but think I may be way too old (48!!). I have been to hiphop nights and reggae nights over the last few years with a good age spread, but wonder if for DnB I may be too old!

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Anyone around when the Jungle was massive in the UK?

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