Rotrax conversion

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  • Forgot I was given this frame over a year ago via freeecycle. Currently sitting in my mates garage. That is the original spider webbing by the way - think there is an eight legged freak on the headstock still. It is an 80s frame in 501 but original built for 27" wheels.

    Any experience of 80's rotrax? Only seen it once since I had it. Think this is the next project. First conversion since in 95 with a home made chain tensioner on a marin which led to a broken collarbone when it slipped as I was starting a fairly hard downstroke. That sounded ruder than I intended.

    Anyhow - any advice on going forward with the rotrax?

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  • If you need any info on the frame or advice on any sort of restoration, I'd advise contacting Tim Maund, who still builds Rotrax frames:­

  • That is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • This should be a very simple conversion - the rear dropout width will probably be 126mm but it is easy to squeeze the dropouts down to 120mm suitable for most track hubs. I suspect this was a frame Rotrax bought in but it should serve pretty well as a fixie. If you use 700C wheels the bottom bracket height might be a little low but 165mm cranks and/or pedals with better than average cornering clearance (with clips and straps Shimano's older aero pedals are ideal) or SPDs there should not be a problem.

  • Thanks for the info. Did a quick look on the Rotrax site and, even though I have not yet the frame number it seems that Tim Maund still made 501 frames in the 80's so would be interesting to see what mine no. yields.

    Decided to try and put parts on it that are in keeping as much as possible so 27" wheels would be nice but as a general transport think that track wheels might be a little too weak for my 6ft largish bulk around towns. Will see what I can scrounge, find cheaply and will post progress on here if anyone is interested. Thanks for interest and help.

  • Hi neuroportal, did you ever get this finished? i would love to see what it looks like as i have just come into a rotrax myself.

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Rotrax conversion

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