Contact Juggling

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  • video below.
    Never seen kind of thing before, it's amazing, have a look see what you think.

  • Buffered to hell... youtube works better:

    YouTube - JCJC

  • That man has skillz

  • cheers velocio.

  • nice style

  • Nice, i've seen it before, but he's pretty good, i'm quite good at the devil sticks myself, haven't practiced properly lately though, need to get back on it.

  • Pretty much on the same level as this guy, but i'm not all that at body contact tricks, I don't like the look of them personally:

    YouTube - Devil stick Juggle

  • Pretty much on the same level as this guy, but i'm not all that at body contact tricks, I don't like the look of them personally:

    By the way I mean body contact tricks in devil sticking, not contact juggling, I love contact juggling I just don't practice it myself.

  • Just looks like he's holding a glass ball and waving his arms about in a wafty way.

  • used to do fire devil sticks meself....but then I also used to smoke an inordinate amount of quality hash too.......

  • The man for contact juggling is:

    Pure dead awesome.

  • I practice it
    i love modern juggling, if somebody give the idea of one day meet to practice in a sunny day at the park im in :)

    I really like these guys here too

  • I was expecting a video of two people simultaneously juggling and fighting. Quite disappointed right now.

  • Many, many moons ago I used to be a professional juggler.

    Really miss it sometimes, my 5 balls used to be ok. ironically I could never unicycle though.

    oh and Bowie didnt do the contact juggling in Labyrinth, it was someone else's hands. Michael Moschen I think

  • still work as a juggler and balloon man myself. contact juggling is great, i saw a guy do some contact stuff with a latex bouncing ball at the european juggling convention in cork a few years ago, it was insane, those balls bounce back 90% if you just drop them but he was catching it on his head!

    here's thomas dietz, he's insane.­Zg

  • fucking hippy bullshit. btw, where are my glowsticks...

  • +1... fuckin carnies.

    Very good btw.

  • Dredge....

    Made these. Need to learn to juggle now. Any tips?

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  • I fucking love juggling. Done it forever.
    My best tip for learning is to visualise a portrait-oriented picture frame in front of you. Throw from one hand to the opposite top corner of the frame. When that ball peaks at the top of the frame throw the ball from the other hand to the opposite corner. Repeat.

    Oh and tilt your shoulders back/lean slightly back otherwise you’ll find yourself following the cascade around the place everywhere.

    Once it clicks a basic cascade is as easy as scratching your arse. Once you realise how long each ball is in the air for it gets easier. Most beginners just panic and throw everything too fast.
    The softer and less ‘filled’ your balls are at first the easier it’ll be as you can catch a bit easier than hard ones...

  • Thanks, will give it a go. Am cack handed, impatient and prone to panic.

  • Learn with handkerchiefs or something floaty then move onto balls

  • 2 balls first. Work on a rhythm. Add 3rd one in. Count while throwing.

  • don't let other people handle your balls in these virus times

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Contact Juggling

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