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  • Dunno, I kind of miss having my 'world champion' seller status on here...

  • Of course there's this, https://www.retrobike.co.uk/threads/lfgs­s-a-very-bad-experience-whats-yours.2736­07/

    So maybe its just what your used to/natural selection.

    Hilarious that that thread was started by someone who broke the classifieds rules on here and got told to beat it and at least the first page is full of 'Yeah, I broke their rules and got told off too, how dare they' type responses!

  • We have no hot water, put the boiler on to boost, no boiler.
    After downloading different manuals to find out WTF is wrong, seems the fan is broken.
    Cannot access the boiler to hit it with something, so have no heating or hot water until we can get an engineer out to have a peep.
    It's only be in place for 3 years, and got serviced a couple of months ago.
    Guessing it is "just one of those things", but still annoying.

  • To be fair, there's also a DAS on the first page, and then 'Retro newbie' 'sumo' weighing in in defence.

  • This kind of nonsense.

    What experience? I haven't even had a chance to type my username.

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  • I knew I was going to run out of coffee over xmas so ordered some more on the 21st, the place I ordered from has their holiday hours as closed 24th to 4th. No sign of it and no delivery notification by the 26th so I ordered some more from somewhere else. It was meant to arrive today but just got an email from RM saying it couldn't be delivered when I've been in all day and there was no door bell or knock. I've been going days without any decent coffee now, it's getting desperate.

  • Bloody bastard Hermes, they're usually pretty good in my area, not this time!
    Tried to deliver some bits from Wiggle to my workplace yesterday, nobody was in/it was closed..... it's a fucking haulage company, open 24hrs, 6 days a week, then they didn't even bother to try again today, lazy lying fuckers!

  • I bought a frame from Belgium before Christmas. Made it from Belgium to the UK in a matter of hours, then went AWOL.

    Over Christmas got a letter from Parcelforce asking for customs charges, which I paid immediately and scheduled a delivery for 4th Jan.

    4th Jan comes and goes, no frame. Tracking message changes to scheduled for delivery, but then nothing. You can't e-mail Parcelforce, and because they are busy they're not taking calls at the moment(!).

    On Wednesday I TOOK A DAY OFF WORK to go to their depot in fucking Dartford.

    Rocked up and spoke to a very nice lady who spent about 30 minutes looking for it. In the end she admitted she had no idea where it was, but thought it might be in one of their vans unscanned. She said she'd ring round and see if she could find out more.

    As I was driving home she called me and said one of our drivers has just dropped it over your gate. Twats. (although the very nice lady was very nice).

  • DPD Local are, apparently, going to deliver my new moka pot today. It’s quarter to nine on a Friday night and I’m starting to think that they’re not coming.

  • Time spent in Dartford is never wasted, it only exists to give physical proof that no matter how bad things are, there's always something worse. I do hope you sold the frames you said you would before buying another.

    Blue touchpaper lit, awaiting next rant.

  • They will, the second you least want them to. Then, once you have settled into the smallest room in the house, they will shove a note through the door saying you can collect it.

    From Dartford.

  • I do hope you sold the frames you said you would before buying another.

    The flesh is weak.

  • Update on my earlier Wiggle/Hermes rant.
    Wiggle are now saying that the goods are lost somewhere in the Hermes system.
    How could Hermes try to deliver something they can't fucking find?
    Anyhow, refund on the way.

  • Recently bought something from China.
    Get a shipping email saying it is being sent in 2 packages.
    One got delivered yesterday, the other is still in Shenzhen.

  • I bought some stuff on Friday night. Delivery was meant to be Monday but then I got a notification on Saturday that it was going to be delivered then. The driver knocked on my door and said the package was a bit wet and he recommended that he mark it as damaged and return it. It was mainly DIY stuff that wouldn't be damaged by a bit of damp so I said it would likely be OK.

    He showed me the parcel in the van, it looked like it had been dipped in a bucket of water. He lifted it up and water was streaming out of the box. Fuck knows how they managed that, I agreed that it was best to send it back.

  • Quite incredible. Was he given it like this?

  • No idea. Unsurprisingly no-one has said "ah yes, I did that". Should be getting a fresh delivery tomorrow though so no big issue in the end.

  • A ‘Chinarello’ bike frame, perhaps?

  • Just realised I forgot to align my tyre logos with the valve when setting up tubeless last week, and there is absolutely no way in hell I'm going to attempt to fix it because it was such a frustrating experience.
    So I've resigned myself to looking like an idiot to the tiny minority of people who actually care about that sort of thing (myself unfortunately included).

  • Christ's sake pal, got em off, clean the tyre milk out, do the fuckin job right!

  • I too am a valve/logo aligner, feels so good to get front and rear logos in exactly the same place. It's the little things.

  • It's ok

    You're just never ever allowed to photograph that bike now

  • New bike time and relegate this one to turbo duties

  • Just realised I forgot to align my tyre logos with the valve

    Does not compute.

  • Was knackered and needed wine so thought I'd try one of those delivery grocery places getir. Bought some other snacks and shit.
    Turned up 15 mins later. Great. Except that when I took out the things on top the bottle of wine was smashed and everything else was swimming in a pool of red wine.
    Complained via chat. They said they'd redeliver. Did they fuck.
    Call to chase up. "sorry depot isn't answering, but it'll be with you soon"
    Call again. "sorry nothing more we can do"
    Final call - refund me please. (obviously will take 5 days or some nonsense now).

    Useless shit service. Will walk to the shop next time.

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