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  • im getting the bike stripped and powdercoated. was thinking ral 5011 for the frame http://allral.com/view.php?id=5011 and then a pure white on the forks but need a second opinion

  • Use the ldnfgss colour range - it has a much much wider range of colours:

    1) Grue and Bleen
    2) Hooloovoo
    3) Octarine
    4) Squant
    5) Jale and Ulfire
    6) Infra-black
    7) Blello
    8) Violent
    9) International Yves Klein Poo (brown)
    10) Ultra-Violent (sparkle natch)
    11) Middle Class Green (you know, like every front door in Balham)
    12) Working class red.
    13) Royal Blue
    14) Soylent green
    15) Camberwick green
    16) Black (like my cold dead heart)
    17) polkadot marching band yellow
    18) barbie princess pink
    19) windows logo (orange greeen blue yellow check)
    20) grumble (pale green / tan)
    21) Light grumble
    22) Gay
    23) Pale Gay
    24) Sky blue pink
    25) HTFU purple
    26) Winton orange
    27) Monkey-shit brown
    28) Tartan
    29) Dead baby blue
    30) Grey grey
    31) dark Watermelon
    32) chocolate cavalier
    33) Racist Green
    34) Rinky Dink Pink
    35) Diana Abbot
    36) Geoff Hoon
    37) Oldham Grey
    38) Thirty-Eight
    39) Turdigris
    40) Rainbow (see 22)
    41) Boutros Boutros-Ghali
    42) Apple Grumple
    43) White balance
    44) Candy apple poo ( chris crash's bike colour.)
    45) Diego Poo (mustard like colour)
    46) RGB
    47) CMYK
    48) Mustard poo (Diego like colour)
    49) OTP
    50) Fakenger Fuchsia
    51) Candy Apple Grey (oxidised 44)
    52) VO2Max
    53) Gordon Brown ( texture like sun )
    54) Gunmetal Red
    55) Hot Cherry Pop
    56) Gary Glitter
    57) Hippy's lost 5,000 posts (blanc)
    58) Hipster White
    59) Hoboken Muffin

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahah Tynan you fucking crack me up :)

  • quality!

  • Tynan = Lawrence LLewllyn Bowen.

  • lol... it was rather funny. im gonna go with the colour scheme. let you know how it turns out

  • drummond international grey

  • one of the lads on the irish social group was kinda enough to do this


    but he also reckons this would be better

    its steel tubed, lugged bridgestone RB-1

  • Go with the first one. maybe with a white patch on the seat tube.

  • Can I haz Bridgestone RB-1 please?

  • I quite like this

  • I quite like this

    damn i quite like that. cheers mate. good contribution

  • this was the inspiration

  • this was the inspiration

    i just messed my pants!

  • +1 Yeah that's gorgeous.

  • I want my next bike to be blue and white.. What is this frame? What was the bike above? These are both lovely.

  • go for bloodpoo brown

  • Sorry just read this properly - what was the inspiration picture? Realised what the other pic was.

  • its a frame i saw in BLB the other day

  • i dont really like pure white, it looks too plasticy to me. i much prefer an off white cream.

    im getting my next frame in pale gay.

  • mississippi corpse green.

  • Thanks Bigfoot, might have to head east to have a look over the weekend.

  • @fox
    that's one of BLB's own brand frames. The 'classic' has a more relaxed geometry than their original track frames. You can see them built up in their website gallery.

  • http://www.farrow-ball.com/productlist.a­spx?cid=PC&language=en-GB


    @ stevie, IMHO pure white and navy is very harsh, vintage colours for vintage frames.. my 531c track bike is RAL 9001 (pale gay using tynan's colour chart), ali components, honey leather saddle and bar tape..I even get compliments from taxi drivers.. it wasn't a standard colour at condor paint shop so more expensive, but unique..

    @Tynan you crack me up.. send me a swatchcard please..

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Opinion on colour scheme

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