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  • Of course OG top tube was inverted triangular section?

  • I have a 2017 mash parallax cyanotype, essentially brand new, complete bike. I bought as a speculative thing as its the last cinelli mash but my girlfriend is giving me a huge amount of grief over bikes in the flat. I don't personally see the issue and don't really want to sell it but this and other bikes are causing much friction.

    anyone be interested before it goes on eBay, its the complete bike, as below, 54cm. its essentially new, only ridden it a tiny amount. I wont be splitting before anyone asks.

  • Decided to let my vigorelli go as well, but I’m keeping the saddle, Pedals and cracks (I may have some replacement parts) I’d prefer to keep the wheels for a future road bike but everything else is for sale, if any one’s interested just drop a pm

    Size small 50/53.5cm

  • 890e on pre order for a frameset that is 12 or so years old.... if it were 500e maybe i would of taken a shot at it.

    Would be cool if they redid a simple paint scheme like this and left it in catalogue, the vigo steel, and vigo shark just arent the same as the og.

  • Pretty sure they made some changes like a more beffy HT. The paint was slightly different, too.

    It’s kinda moot though as I think they’re all sold out anyway.

  • Santa fixie

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  • Does anyone know what the downtube external diameter is on the Mash Works/ Tutto?

  • Ive measured my works and my Tutto, both 10.4 cms.

  • Great thanks, by my (google) maths that's about 33.1mm diameter

  • I sold my mash frame to a guy a little while ago and apparently it just got stolen, if anyone sees it pop up anywhere could they get in contact please. its fairly distinctive as its XXL and has a dent about the size of a £2 in the non drive side chain stay that lines up with the end of the crank.

    its this model

  • According to IG Mash will release quite a few new frames this month.
    FGFS, road, alu fixie and a steel hardtail are in the talks

  • I ideally started to reading the process you need to go through to buy one of these new frames. WTF!!

    I remember when you just order it from wiggle and it arrived the next day.

  • They haven't started doing a Ferrari have they ? "Prove you ride bikes, prove you already have at least 2 Mash bikes, show us your Mash clothing, sign here in blood, give us your savings"...

    But seriously though its like their selling PS5s haha, a waiting room ? Fixie hype is obviously steel real (haha)

  • New MASH frameset is rebranded charge sissor

  • So basically they made a trick bike / bmx with bigger wheels ?
    Interesting they mention "changed from the Mash steel frame" a lot, i wonder if they will maintain the "work" steel frame now or not.

    I'm sure that as usual they will be sold out when released but yeh, get a charge and be less scared of it being stolen maybe.

  • They're expanding the range, they have a steel disc road bike

  • really ? a bit like 8bar then ?

  • To me it looks more like @ekudduke's Stayer, but with a steel fork.

  • Will be interesting to see pricing once theyve annonced all their "news" and models.
    I wonder what they offer, if anything, other than hyper over other brands ?

    I mean for example this trick bike uses "mash steel tubing" is that just because they mixed different gages or is it just branding purposes because its the same steel used on cheaper bikes ?

  • Hope it's dry tomorrow, want to find out how noisy the new rear disc is

  • Wom Wom Wom

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Mash / Cinelli Vigorelli

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