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  • Yeah these are great. Slighly annoying that they don't have an aggressive return spring. Might tape the unused one shut.

    Thank you for the recommendation though!

  • No worries - see the above comments for a possible setup with two levers one brake. If you're into that kind of thing.

  • That is actually cheap enough to try. I was only aware of the Jtek Double Control and Problem Solvers Brake Cable Doubler, but they cost about ten times more.

  • Yeah I looked at those and then I saw the price and then I clicked the little 'x' on the browser tab. Also, one of the advantages here - in my mind at least - is that it offers full redundancy: if one cable breaks, no matter where, you still have one fully functional brake left. I'm not one for trying to do some kind of emergency skid.

  • New ride, well new to me. It’s begging for some drop bars. Any recommendations to work with a 110mm thomson stem?

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  • I just taped mine shut, works a treat.

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  • I’d recommend the Cinelli Dinamo bars, very light for an alloy bar and not too expensive. I have one, I did get some creaking with my X2 stem on rough riding, an X4 stem fixed that. The 2 bolt face plate just can’t grab the bars as strong.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. In the end got the PRO PLT in size 44. The Dinamo bars were not in stock in the size I wanted. Btw I can tell de difference between dropbar sizes and 44 helps me breathe and control de bike also better. What sizes do you sport? Are they narrower than the shoulders width?

  • Messy kitchen but that’s my playground right bow with the bad weather here.

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  • I have narrow shoulders so I have a 40cm bar. It’s just wide enough that my shoulders fit between the drops, so maybe slightly wider than the traditionally recommended width.

    Edit: I had a 42cm bar before these and I think they both have positives and negatives. Wider is of course more stable and gives more leverage which is good for smashing up hill on a heavy gear ratio.

  • So I cancelled the M and managed to get a L. The L is definitely on the small side, I think an M would have actually broken me.

  • Never had 2 bikes at one time but now I have! @GroggyJoe kindly sold me a mash work frame to complement my bolt 2.0. Still don’t have 2 functioning bikes since stem, pedals and wheels are from the Bolt but had to get this built up ASAP! Rides wonderfully! Lost out when these where released so well happy now! The current set will change going forward for sure(funds permitting).

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  • Looking goood 😎

  • here is my 54 vigo,in a very good shape. wanna swap it with a parallax

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  • OK.

    Finally had little to no wind so could roll this up a hill. 😎 #clubboxcinelli

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  • As much I want to hate your bike, 42 km/h on average is impressive

  • Your phone GPS playing up still? ;)

  • Yep. :o)

  • Nice one!!

    Out of interest, what system and what bottle cage are you using to carry the water here? I'm having some issues with ejected bottles currently...

  • Heh. Needed the 3 speed to get there. 😎

    I think its a Bontrager saddle mounted bottle cage.

    Can't seem to find but it's prob a few years old now. 😎

    Don't think I ever lost one.

  • for future reference, the Geometry chart for the Cinelli Mash Bolt Benny Gold Frame 2009.

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  • Mash Work 2.0 tyre clearance... 38c should fit in there, right?

  • ta. might chance it with 40c in that case!

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Mash / Cinelli Vigorelli

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