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  • I've found spds more likely to tear apart my shoes than unclip unintentionally

  • You're as old as the biek u ride right? :o)

  • Shimano yes, multiple and frequent (avoid).
    Atacs in good condition, almost never (has certainly happened but usually because my cleats are worn down to nothing).

  • On close inspection is that bike hiding a hub gear and rather ghetto shifter and cable arrangement? I think it is you know.....

  • Yes.

    Yes it is.

    3 speed fixed.

    For my old bones.

    Said elsewhere but if I ever resprayed (in a fishing lure hue) I should add braze on to.

  • Wow! That’s awesome. Genuinely impressed.

  • Think I saw one other dude running a Sturmey fixed hub round RP about 6 years ago.

    It's novel and makes for a fun WIP, but no real applications apart from maybe TT.

    The hub is flawed by design (already replaced selector pin) but is fairly bulletproof tool steel.

    With little or no maintenance.

  • As @monkdagola said.

    I don't trust SPD. They ugly, heavy and unclip.

    Been riding vintage and more modern Times (the ones with round springs) for past 5 years and never unclipped unexpectedly.
    Actually I use Look S-Track cleats instead of regular Time.
    They clip in better and worn out much less from my experience.

  • Actually I use Look S-Track cleats instead of regular Time.

    Just not with S-Track pedals because that's what I've got and they unclip very easily

  • Current guise

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  • When you think it can’t get better...

  • What's the fattest tyre you guys fit in the rear? I want to fit a cx/gravel tyre to join a ride next week but don't want to order before knowing

  • Might be useful to specify which frame you have...

  • Oh sure, sorry. It's a 2014 histo

  • I ordered the cheapest CX looking tyres on Bike24. 30mm fits easily in the back!

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  • Awesome. How is the ride?

  • What's the fork? OG fork is where I found there's not much clearance; 25s are like the limit.

  • I dunno what fork it is since I borrowed it from a friend who also bought it second hand. But I think it's a generic road fork

  • It handles like a ship now with more rake and more relaxed steerer tube. But I'd like to fit fatter tyres to be more confident in fast curves

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  • Pre-order for the new Work frames up today. Ordered one of the metallic smoke ones to fix the fact that my current one is about two sizes too small; pretty psyched.

  • That Rainbow Smoke looks sick...

  • They all sick as any previous colorway.

    Love my orange one, but the new green and black with sparkle...


  • What size is the current? I'm on the smaller end of frames.

  • I believe it's the "58" which had various titles from "L" to "XL" over the years I think; it's 58ctt but only 54ctc on the seat tube. Very weird geo, but either way I have like 8 inches of seatpost showing. But also I live in the US so shipping would probably be a whole thing.

  • Weird geo indeed, reach would be too much for me anyway!

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Mash / Cinelli Vigorelli

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