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  • I covered with some black vinyl, sthealth and protect because I leave it outside when I use it for commuting

  • Thank god summer is here

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  • Lovely.

    Has anyone tried one of the Tutto framesets? I can grab one for a bargain on the cycle scheme and I'm quite tempted even though I have a Mash Work which is basically identical.

  • They're nice frame, but expensive next to a Dolan.

  • Really enjoying mine.

    Had it as fixed and now rolling 28c with double brakes.

    If you can get one for good money, I’d do it. But if you already have Work and have option to get some other frame I’d rather do that as they are way too similar.

  • It looks spot on, XL-XXL with sloping tt always looks little weird

  • Appreciated. I'd want to do the same, double brakes single speed. Been riding the work fixed and I like it a lot but it doesn't feel quite right. My plan would be to sell the Work and get some upgrades on the Tutto like a nice saddle. Appreciate the feedback.

  • That is true, but I really dig the colour scheme. Matt grey with a splash of absurd colour is very appealing to the design dork in me.

  • Okay I misunderstood which Cinelli bike he’s talking about, I thought it was the Tipo, which is very much on par with a Dolan Precursa in term of equipment.

    The steel Tutto look like a decent big tyres singlespeed ever since the Pompino is no longer in stock in spite of the overly aggressive geometry that work for the people of MASH.

  • Might shift this soon...what do you think this would be worth? £6/700?

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  • Does anybody know where i can get a full carbon fork for a parallax? Hard to find in the 25-30mm rake. The original is quite (very) heavy. All i can find is 40 raked thats not even in production any more

  • The new ac-1 fork, its 30mm rake and full carbon.­ocoque-carbon-fork-ac-1-gamma.html

    It's pricey though.

  • That’s actually a really good tip, thanks! :)

    It’s not more expensive than anything else i looked so possible worth it

  • My silly HHSB Vigorelli track. Super nice to ride though

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  • Alright kiddos. Wouldn't mind a pricecheck on my Cinelli Mash Work complete bike. It's a year old, has a few dinks in the top tube, and comes with fairly average Miche components except for the bar / stem which is BLB, with a dia compe track brake and lever.

    I'm thinking £500 - is that unreasonable? Haven't cleaned it up yet.

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  • This is a bike I will never sell :)

  • Deja vu. Looks familiar.

    I drilled a 58 back 07. 😎

    Tis a keeper.

  • They just get better with age. Right?

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  • My mash work now up on the classifieds!­58

  • My silly HHSB Vigorelli track. Super nice to ride though

    Look sweet, what size is that?

  • Summer 19 update

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  • also summer 19 update. higher gear, different saddle and rear mudguard off.

  • After 3 years, I finally finished it

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Mash / Cinelli Vigorelli

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