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  • Yeah, and can you PM me your PIN and your mother's maiden name?

    (You do realise that your post looks mega dodgy right?)

  • ha,

    hope people got things sorted above
    i try and avoid anything third party so don't really want to get involved with the post or put in the hands of another person to then on deliver, i'll collect from seller and put in the hands of the purchaser, the whole delivery service can get a bit messy if one has to start a small claims appeal against a courier service / royal mail if anything gets damaged, if i damage anything its my fault and would fully reimburse

    *i reserve the right to refuse jobs that seem like too much effort

  • i reserve the right to refuse jobs that seem like too much effort

    If I had a motto, I think this would be it

  • If I could be arsed to have a motto, I think this would be it


  • @dicki - can you collect a motto for me?

  • @dicki would you consider delivering a 58cm cross/gravel bike to @Midi in France?

  • man that sounds great
    i could just ride it down there

    sadly dickis delivery service TM is out of action for a few months due to technical issues

  • I was tempted to deliver it myself but time constraints say no.

  • howdy!

    Any luck for a collection?

    Simply a Brompton (that you can ride) from point a to point b (or to your house and allow a courier to collect from there)

  • sorry i'm not able to do any deliveries until further notice

  • No wonder the British economy is tanking.

  • @dicki how do you feel about a trip to Paris to collect an old school BMX from a place called SAVIGNY LE TEMPLE...


  • @dicki has service resumed by any chance?

  • Any news @dicki

  • Hijack.. but I can offer services in the southwest; based in Wellington, Somerset. I don't really travel to London, but can post stuff cheaply through work, so happy to collect and post on etc.

  • Got someone from coventry that cant travel im London based

  • been a bit slack on the delivery service recently
    a lack of exciting jobs or jobs i can do simply with my bike on a train have dried up

    i envisaged sunny days on the english riviera picking up classic british steeds or something i can fit in a rucsac , getting bit of riding in and exploring while i was there
    instead i got 6ft x 4ft marine ply to be collected from some industrial hell holes up north and delivered to chelmsford

    i jest, but in the summer if some nice sounding jobs come along i'll consider it, but currently i'm hibernating and being a lazy slacker, and today is not the day to be carrying bit sheets of marine ply about

    1. Are you still doing this occasionally?
    2. If not Is there any company that will pick a whole bike without dismantling it and ship in the UK?
    3. If not the above, which of the paisley/send bike/ other option is the simplest.

    (Need to get a bike from parents(devon) to London- it hasn't been serviced or ridden since December so I have no idea if it is rideable)

  • where about in devon? im in somerset, regularly go to haldon (exeter) and can post via work.

  • Upottery near Honiton? Just over the border from Taunton.
    Would be amazing if you could.

  • 30 mins / 14.2miles from my house...

  • Hi,
    Is there anyone near Stoke-on-Trent ? Would ask for some help, paid, of course !

  • [sorted]

  • Hi @dicki, are you up and running again? Or anyone Essex way (near Rayleigh) who could help with a pickup? Also probably way too late @GrosNaze but I pass by Stoke sometimes if I can be of help :)

  • Looking for someone in Norwich that could help collect and send on (or deliver) to London (E17)

    It not bike related and should fit in a car according to the seller.

    Obviously will pay for troubles.

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dicki's delivery / collection service

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