Garage Rock, Psych, DIY and on and on!

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  • Send me a postcard done by this lot ...­9GA

    Remember the Prisoners ?

    HFC Joe😎

  • Remember the Prisoners ?

    Used to see them what seemed like once a month at Mike Spenser's Garage in Hammersmith!!! Love them just as much now... I actually picked up this 45 here in Brisbane a few months back, a very pleasant surprise...

    HFC Joe😎

    You too!! 🖤

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  • We played with the Buttholes in Belgium once, hilarious gig... The singer and I got absolutely shitfaced on the unmarked bottles of beer in the rider, we were both bollocksed about an hour after we arrived, ridiculous... The other guys stuck to bourbon and Coke... After soundcheck the promoter says we're going on first, singer goes ballistic and tells him to fuck off, Buttholes are like 'fine, you go on last, no problem, you fucking weirdo!'... We try to sober up before the show, singer is still salty about earlier, we play a blinder, super aggressive show... He throws his guitar around at the end of the gig and kicks it very, very hard at one point...

    Next morning I get an early call in my hotel room, his foot has swollen up to twice its normal size, he's in agony... Sprained ankle, he played the next night sitting on a barstool... Not very rock'n'roll...

  • They’ve definitely got some garagey, psychey stuff. Need to have a rummage through the 45s as I can’t remember which ones of theirs I kept hold of now

  • Is Wild Thing not the ur-text of garage rock?

  • Yes, I’ve got this one somewhere. Also I remembered this was one I think I used to play out occasionally

  • The Troggs are amazing, definitely one of my faves... Super creepy as well which gave them an extra dimension IMVHO...

  • Blows me away still that this was made in 1958!

  • I've got a boot of that somewhere I picked up in the early 80s, haven't played it in forever! Must dig it out... It sounds so wonderful...

  • It's so noisy! Love it

  • Thanks for posting this, Al, I had no idea this was out there...

    I first saw The Reatards in Memphis supporting the Compulsive Gamblers, Jay was still only 17... During the set a very drunk Jay was stalking Iggy-like around the venue on patron's tables stealing drinks as he went, it was an incredible gig, he didn't miss a beat... Such a talent, so sad he passed so young... 🖤

  • That was fucking great, nice to see so many familiar faces... Miss Shirley behind the bar at the Lamplighter even! Fantastic documentary...

  • Good innit? Didn’t realise you’d been about that scene so much. How long were you in Memphis?

  • I spent a lot of time there in the late 90s/early 00s, tried to get a green card to move out there permanently but failed... My last chance to get over there disappeared when the dotcom bubble burst, was gonna join a start-up as a designer...

    It was a great time, Lucero and the Reigning Sound were just starting out and still playing in midtown front rooms, Junior's Juke Joint was still running, Othar Turner would let you watch band practice in his farmyard with chickens and goats running around, visiting with Jessie Mae Hemphill, brilliant place, my spiritual home...

  • That’s super cool, man. Never bin. One day.

    We had an Kid Congo yet?

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Garage Rock, Psych, DIY and on and on!

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