Saddle hurt, saddle sores

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  • My saddle was tilted quite far back and comfortable, but I was getting sores. I've put it flat but it's uncomfortable and I keep shifting my weight around.

    Wrong saddle, wrong angle or wrong frame size?

    It's a cheap charge spoon.


  • wrong ass!

  • this thread is useless without pics

  • The Wrong Trousers

  • do you wear bibshorts? - can help a huge deal with sores

    there are different types of sores - friction, ingrown hairs, poor hygiene etc

    friction is generally due to a saddle not fitting

    ingrown hairs is genetic

    piss poor hygiene is just slovenly

  • Undershorts with padding FTW!

  • Changed from some cheap ass synthetic padded dhb shorts to some endura "air-o-gooch" or something. Massive difference. Never tried proper chamois though.

    Having said that, the new ones were clean...

  • were

  • Chris, you love my 'ass'.

  • For long rides i have some Giordana bib shorts. Awesome pad for not much money (read: more comfortable than assos for less than £50). They completely stopped me getting saddle sore

  • I bought some condor cheap lycra shorts for long rides - are they not too good then?

  • its because you are one of those 'homosexuals' who enjoys 'anal fasting' among other ungodly things and it has nothing to do with either your 'poverty' or your 'saddle'

  • 'Anal fasting'? Like abstinence? Sounds about right.

  • I bought some condor cheap lycra shorts for long rides - are they not too good then?

    Don't know, most pads in the cheaper shorts / bibs either aren't big enough or are a bit thin and so still create pressure points. The ones i have use large pads with multiple "anatomical" creases which moulds to your arse.

  • Have you considered paying a lot of money for a CycleFit?

    Just re-establishing the dj comfort zone.

  • 'Anal fasting'? Like abstinence? Sounds about right.

    take a shower/ hang out at the joiners arms more.

    hey, every one remember the time i took all of you to the gay bar, because I don't carlos filled me in the other day though, and I'm sorry about most of that.

  • Carlos filled you in at a gay bar?

    /willful misinterpretation.

  • Carlos filled you in at a gay bar?

    /willful misinterpretation.

    wern't you naked with scott on the dancefloor, or was that J, i get you guys confused when im drunk.

  • New saddle please! I kept getting actual sores from this saddle too.

  • First of all you want to use these to adjust your saddle to the correct position

    Make sure your crotch presses against the saddle without causing discomfort and when you pedal, the inner sides of your thies don't rub on the saddle. Don't put the saddle at some stupid 45degree angle... just keep it at the same angle to the ground.

    now you want to


    the sensitive parts to absorb moisture. Remember, that sweat and any other moisture in those parts rubbing is what creates a soreness.

    now you just need these

    (delete amount of padded shorts as appropriate depending on soreness)

    there ya go you're good to go.
    You can't escape saddle sores, if you ride a lot you'll get them. Just keep it clean down there and wear some padding.

  • I would say your problem isnt your saddle or lack or padding. I would say it is the genitel worts your got from Jason.

  • Sudocrem + Allen key + HTFU

  • So saddle up, down or what? How do you judge the angle? What's a good starting point?

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Saddle hurt, saddle sores

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