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  • Of course my money is also on Khabib.

  • I didnt realise the main card started so early, Nice!

    Yeah, as I understand it, it's so it's at a watchable time in Russia.

    As for Khabib's chin being tested, I think that he's a lot better defensively that Fergusson is/was. Tony went in chin first hoping to set a hard pace that would wear trigger happy Gaethje down (by taking shots to the head like a numpty), and Gaethje put on an absolute clinic making every shot count and not being gung ho like he used to. Watching Tony get broken like that was hard to watch, but it was also frustrating that he waited and took so much damage before trying to do anything. Stifled moments of success in between an absolute beating.

    But this is why Khabib fights are so exciting - he seems so unstoppable at the moment. I remember watching Lyoto Machida when he was still undefeated and it just seemed like he had an answer for everyone. The buzz of seeing if he could pull it off again was so exciting. Obviously he fell just short and the "Machida Era" never quite happened, but it's that kind of buzz and unpredictability that has me always coming back to MMA.

    As for Bobby Knuckles, I hope he can get it done. Was kinda heartbroken seeing him get done by Adesanya, lol.

  • I see Cannonier is using crystals and funny glasses to train. It's like something out of a movie/animation

  • Totally agree that Tony was playing a bad game plan.

    Think I'm predicting Cannonier super punch knockout in the first round 👀

  • I do not want to see Bobby being slaughtered as the beginning of the crystals era of MMA, lol.

  • I must say, putting crystals and brainwave glasses aside, Cannonier has a solid attitude towards other fighters and the game in general. The way he took the booing after the Anderson Silva fight as an example. He doesn't talk too much shit and I like that...sometimes.

  • This guy is terrifyingly good


    Anderson Silva: UFC legend to retire after Las Vegas bout

  • These new masks look sick

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  • His look of rueful apology after every win is rather wonderful!

  • Only just realised he's only fought 3 times since the TUF finale in 2015. High risk low reward fight for a lot of people. Lad's got a nawty hook kick tho.

  • Yeah that kick looks annoying, right around the guard

  • Anyone else watching?

  • Khabib is a freak

  • Unstoppable. His transitions and movement on the ground were ridiculous. Terrifying really.

  • Hate khabib but... respect..

  • Khabib smashed it🎉

    Not sure how Cannonier got up after the knockdown, dudes got mettle!

  • Hate khabib

    Not actually met a Khabib hater before. Anything in particular you find bad?

  • His transitions and movement on the ground were ridiculous

    Yeah, the way he pulled the leg in with his hand really cinched it in at the end

  • Khamzat Edwards in December ☺

  • Was a bit teary seeing Silva say goodbye to the octagon last night.

  • bit teary seeing Silva say goodbye

    Probably the gyno

  • Ah yes, good dig. You'd think someone so professional would take time to get supplements from credible sources.

  • Think he has a lot of haters now after his France post the other day

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MMA ( Mixed martial arts )

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