Epic win

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  • It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Increase in value = higher commission. Think about how many people probably visited their site to see if they had other Banksy pieces for sale after reading one of the probably hundreds of articles that have been written/posted about the stunt.

  • Me neither, but even then it's a win all around.
    Sotheby's wins, the buyer wins (not what he expected but something even better), Banksy wins...

  • Art loses tho

  • even then it's a win all around.

    Is it?

    It's either Banksy moving into performance art and shredding the piece in a stunt setup with the knowledge of Sotheby's and possibly the 'buyer'. A stunt which has resulted in a lot of hype for both Banksy and Sotheby's and looks like it's increased the value of the piece, or, it's him actually trying to be subversive by destroying a piece of his work but failing miserably because all he's done is generate himself and Sotheby's a load of exposure and instead of the piece being destroyed, it looks like its increased in value.

    Either way, I wouldn't say that any or all of, a high class auction house, someone with £1m to drop on a Banksy or the artist himself, picking up a 'win' is something I need to be celebrating.

    I guess if you're a Banksy fan you might disagree with the above enjoy his antics but the way I see it it's probably a played out artist struggling to stay relevant and ultimately playing into the hands of the establishment that I think he'd like us to imagine he doesn't care for and if not then it's just a massive fail at being 'punk'.

  • He's been playing with the concept of art as commodity for a long time now, this is just more of the same, no?

  • yep been doing it for a while and I say fair play if some one is willing to pay top cash for a torn up stencil piece cash in while you can.
    In no way a fanboi but neither a hater. if some one wanted to pay me 500000 for two colour stencil with a witty twist i'd be working 24 7 to come up with more of what people want

  • This seems about right to me.

  • If Banksy really wanted to stir things up a bit, he might try denouncing the authenticity of the piece instead of just destroying it.

  • But, assuming it is authentic, why would he lie?

  • Maybe Mamnick is trying to do a Banksy ?

  • Banksy shredding copycat devalued his own rare 'Girl with Balloon' print to just £1, expert claims

    The owner of a mint copy of the now infamous Banksy print Girl with Balloon, reportedly worth £40,000, jumped the gun in an attempt to further increase its value – but only succeeded in making their print worthless.

  • Worth a pound? Jokes on them, id buy it for £10

  • It's crazy they're that price now, I remember his prints going for £50... An old mate bought a few, wonder if he still has them?

  • He didn't destroy it. It's half shredded.
    He's a coward and still playing the game safely.

  • Shame it's not true.

  • I feel like I’ve read a couple of variations on that story, for several different people.

  • What was it Abraham Lincoln said? Something like: "Never believe all of the quotes you read on the Internet."

  • I think that was hitler

  • excellent. NSFW at the end though ;-)

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Epic win

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