Epic win

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  • Well my life is now all the more worse for knowing that guy exists.

    Top work by the SNN though

  • If he can pronounce 'cervix', why can't he pronounce 'cervical'?

  • man needs to die.

  • Milo Yianoppolous, or whatever his name actually is, is the biggest shitheel currently wriggling itself across God's fair earth. Even unconditional scumbags like Donald Trump himself are not nearly as brash and contemptible in their narcissistic wilful ignorance and deliberate dishonestly as this shitting little fuckend.

    I honestly hope he dies by some form of crushingly humiliating self inflicted misadventure, rather than inevitably slaughtered by the kind of fascistic state he wishes to impose upon the rest of us.

  • It can be pronounced either way - I've always pronounced it -VI- talking about the spine / neck, and -VAI- talking about womb bits, but I'm not aware of any rules about it, arbitrary or otherwise.

    Than being said - he's a massive cunt. Pronounced K-U-N-ihopehisfacerotsofftheutterballbag­-T.

  • Gazelle, who have operated continuously since 1892 have produced their 15 millionth bike:


  • So that's about 7.5 million in some canal or other?

  • too good to only post in one thread:

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  • ant and dec win presenters of the year for the 17th year in a row

    well done canny lads

  • This colourful woman is all kinds of epic win. Sadly all the stuff is in Swedish so no good for you guys... She's a pro handball player and is pretty outspoken about her feminist views, so has naturally become the target of male haters & trolls. So she started publishing all the shit she was sent and her magnificent replies on insta & fb and it's comedy gold. Also sickening obviously but she really roasts and burns these fuckers' microdicks to a crisp. 🤘🤘🤘

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  • I feel bad for the guy next to her when she got such amazing hair and he's stuck with that. She's a fucking boss and men are awful in every language.

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  • Excellent. Total win.

  • This thread of a Tory hack being eviscerated with his own words is delicious.

  • Very good.
    Let's hope tv politics talk shows stop treating DHodges seriously and stop inviting him.

  • dan hodges is a tragic waste of skin and organs.

  • Cosplay is not just for the young

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  • making the perfect cup of tea when you are really thirsty

  • The perfect cup of tea is a rare beast.

  • Just had a look through. She's good at comebacks, but getting these kinda messages over and over again has to affect you sooner or later. Pretty depressing to think about "normal" people sending stuff like this to strangers.

  • Amazing lede

  • I liked the subtle simpsons reference in the photo caption

  • Would like to think Corgan's reinvention as a far-right spurting head on Infowars is contributing to the poor sales.

    Mind you, Corgan being an absolute bell didn't seem to harm them much first time round.

  • How did I miss this? He really is a fucking bell end

  • It seems that publication is not alone in using the Pumpkin's own lyrics to rip the cunt out of Corgan.

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Epic win

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