Only twats ride with worn cleats

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  • The new one is the premium cleat, the one attached to the shoe is the basic one - there’s less material missing than the comparison suggests.

    ^ probably stating the fucking obvious here aren’t I?

    But still yeah time to replace.

    ^ and again

  • The new one is the premium cleat

    I missed that though. Been so long since I bothered checking did panic a bit.

  • Tasty lunchtime reading

    My favourite line (safe for work)

    I can now sleep on my left hand side for the first time in a year

  • Oh man, that was a crazy read. I shall forever keep stuff maintained!

  • Is it impossible to make a cleat out of a durable material?

  • shimano manage it with SPD

  • Worn pedals or worn cleats, pick one

  • Asking for a friend @WornCleat

    Would you replace at this amount of wear? I have, because they felt spongy, but I'm interested in your expert opinion

  • MrsO would insist on them being changed. Ten years on she still asks whether I have checked my cleats almost every time I leave the house with a bike.

  • I've only had 1 broken clear, and it was a SPD-R.
    Commuting I was bunny-hopping up a kerb, thankfully it snapped at the peak of the hop, and I landed cleanly enough on 1 foot.
    Didn't realise it was broken (assumed it was a phantom unclipping) until it came my foot came flying out on the next sweeping left hander.

    Switched bank to MTB clips/ pedals as I'm much more comfortable with them.

  • No longer clips in. Time for a change.

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  • Does she also check your arse for potential eruption?

  • Time to replace!

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Only twats ride with worn cleats

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