Only twats ride with worn cleats

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  • And it jolly well hurts.

    10 stitches on a gash which exposed a chipped elbow and monstrously bruised buttocks.

    Luckily the bus that was behind me as I spun out of control was far enough behind to see me and stop.

    Thanks to the pedestrians who helped me off the road.

    I cycled the mile or so home, dripping blood all the way and then my wife kindly drove me to the Whittington where they were superb.

    My cycling jersey was ruined but its quality certainly saved me from further abrasions.

    No cycling this weekend.

  • Shit Clive what happened? you trying to stop riding fixed?

    Too much sauce celebrating last night???

  • Clive!!! I hope you will be healing fast. I was looking forward to another weekend cycling expedition with you :(

  • Sorry to hear that Clive. Glad you're OK.

    Can you sue yourself?*

    *Spot the yank...

  • h(eal)tfu. Don't lick your wounds too much!

  • clive worn cleats are badges of honour, to be nailed to the mantelpiece as another show of how seasoned a cyclist you are, hang yours up with pride.

    hope your well, chipped elbow, I hope just means road rash and bruising rather than broken.
    heal soon, can we still count on your appearance at herne hill, the weather's looking much better for friday now...

  • sorry to hear that clive, but then again 'twas your own fault, :)
    sometimes you don't realise how far they are actually worn
    spd's or times?
    my times have had about 1mm on them and still wouldn't un-clip
    spd's you need more metal there.

  • ouch. Lucky not too serious.
    Be careful or Mrs O will ban you from cycling full stop, no ifs and no buts!

  • Legend.

  • I was working until 10 pm but following the football on the internet. Left the office just after 10 pm and was riding home. Got to the junction at the bottom of New North Road where you enter from Pitfield Street. Nothing around apart from a bus 100 yards down the road and so I slipped across accelerating as I did so. I was probably doing 100 rpm + and accelerating on a wide turn. My cleat, which was worn and due to be replaced but it was always a job for the weekend and who wants to ruin new cleats commuting anyway? My left foot came out, my pedals spun on with my right foot in. I struggled to maintain control. I was riding on the tops and so couldn't easily reach the brakes. Luckily I kept my hands on the bars but went down at some speed on my left hand side. Looked up and saw the bus looming; sat up and put my hand into a "stop" gesture. He already had. A couple of peds emerged from nowhere and helped me off the road with my bike. I was well enough to ride home. At the junction between New North Road and Essex Road and woman on a bike saw my gaping elbow , which I couldn't see properly. She persuaded the roadworks man with the stop sign to change it and I was able to dash the last bit home.

    I lost quite a bit f tissue which made the stitching awkward. It also emerged that my elbow bone is chipped. The real pain comes form my bruised side but the stitches are now sore. I have elected to work from home today and will stay off the bike for a couple of days and take it easy after that for a little while. I should be OK for the Tour of Ireland in four weeks but not as prepared as I would like to have been.

    All in all, I was very lucky.

  • get well soon.

    old skool cleats and straps rule

  • defo lucky, heal soon.

  • I guess this is going to be one of your selling stories for me to go fixed :)

  • Heal fast.

    Cleats are something that need regular replacing. I've had a few cleat fails while skidding, very hairy.

  • Have you got any pictures?

  • You animal!
    That could have been a lot worse, you do realise you are now going to have to learn the leg over the bar skid!

    Corneys right though - put those cleats on the mantle piece (with a bit of elbow bone)

  • Have you got any pictures?


  • Sorry to hear that Clive, sounds like one of those things unfortunately.

    Hope you heal up soon -- looking forward to seeing you out (hopefully with RPLZ) when you're all healed up.

    Hope this doesn't ruin your Tour of Ireland.

  • fetish?

    Maybe. Wanted another picture to sit next to the one of your manky willy warts

  • Heal up clive, hope to see you out and about on HH on the dayglo monster soon!

  • Sounds painful Clive. Heal up soon.

  • Heal up fast Clive.

  • Pics or it didn't happen!

  • Heal up soon, Clive. Hope you didn't stick to the bedsheets too much last night!

  • mate shocker, heal fast man.

    stupid question but how do you know its time to replace your cleat...aside from stupendously stacking it...

    my right foot has detatched a few times the past week, but i'd assumed I just needed to tighten the spd there something I should look for as regards degree of wear?

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Only twats ride with worn cleats

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