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  • where was that? pretty cool

  • did no one tell you? banksy already rinsed stencils about 10 year ago, when are people gunna put down the craft knives... its killing me


    @Paul, just because Banksy made a few stencils with clever graphics, and then stopped doesn't mean stencils aren't cool. what would be worse is if people started stencilling because banksy did, and then stop because he stopped. banksy's not stencil king.


    @Paul, Banksy made stencils with clever graphics, and then he stopped? ,stencils are an effective medium . if people started stencilling , and then stopped.
    they have either:
    *ran out of paint
    cut their fingers too much
    floated away with balloons
    chimps have nicked their transport
    thier riding themselfs of heat
    or simply have moved onto somthing less mainstream cuz dem hipster types think its cool.
    "banksy's is stencil king".

    *hurry while stocks last

  • freehand stuff smashes stencils out of the park anyday and half the stencils on that link u just posted are shit.

  • oh and as far as im aware banksy aint stopped doing stencils

  • Banksy's got a big new show opening in Bristol tomorrow - all a bit hush hush but apparently he's still doing stencils. I think it's fair to say he wasn't the first and won't be the last.

  • His new stuff in that show, especially sculpture / oil painting, is amazing, defo. leaves his stencil work looking tired!

  • anyone want to make a few spoke cards/business cards for it'll save having to scribble the url down.

  • (I would do it except I don't have a printer)

  • i have done some already, will give you a few next time i see you!

  • awesome!

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Stickers / Badges

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