LFGSS Official T-Shirts

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  • he might not have left

  • I hadn't.... Fizz is doing the collection this morning so I've just emailed her to see if it can be included.

  • Cheers!

  • You were included... shirts now at home, emails with payment details to go out later this evening.

  • What is the Pengi design like..? Can't see it on the T-shirts page.

  • It's a design that isn't officially available for sale... I can't upload an image of it as we were ordered not to by a company that alleges the design is similar to their trademark.

    Perhaps someone other than me can PM you with a link to a photo somewhere that might show what it looks like.

    NOTE: Don't upload any photo's to this site of that design!

  • I just tracked back to 9th Oct 2009 and found your post saying it had to be removed. I remember the design, no need to see a pic anymore. Thanks.

  • i've looked back over the last couple pages and am lost as to how to get my grubby hands on a medium steal plz?

  • New designs would be good! More, More!!

  • copyright infringing tshirts arrived.

  • Screenprinted a few bike shirts not so long ago here

  • could i get

    1 x bike outline L; 1 x exploded L; 1 x peleton L

    how to i give you moneys for this privilege?

  • I live in the states - how can I get a shirt? The exploded one looks nice to me.

  • Velo,

    Can a newbie order a coupla shirts?

    1 x outline XL,
    1 x exploded xl,
    1 x Pelaton xl


  • Yup, shirts will be picked up from storage this weekend, so any requests will be fulfilled then with emails/PMs coming out by mid-next week with the order/payment details.

  • Cheers

  • Nice!

  • Hey....are there still regular t-shirt pick ups happening? how do i get my hands on a couple?

  • When the LFGSS summer jerseys ( https://www.lfgss.com/thread62518.html ) go on sale in just over a month, all remaining LFGSS T-shirts will be sold through at a massive discount.

    So, just wait a month :)

  • They're all on sale again: http://shop.lfgss.com/collections/clothi¬≠ng

    Only a tenner each.

    They'll stay there until sold out now.

    Be aware: I'm keeping 1 of each on hand in my flat (next day shipping in most cases), but occasionally have to dash to storage to pick up more stock (shipping a couple of days after order).

    So in most cases it will ship within a day or 2 of being ordered, but sometimes it could be 4 or 5 days after ordering. So expect delivery anywhere between 4 and 10 days after ordering.

  • Sweet.

    I'd like to know if you're thinking of doing any new designs. Cos I'd like to have a go at designing some forum shirts!

  • I wore my 'brakless' t shirt the other day, under a partially zipped top so only part of it was visible. This girl was standing with a group of her friends looking at me, she made her excuses to them and walked over, staring at my chest, smiling.

    "Can you unzip your top? I can't see what it says."


    The change in expression is something I'll never forget.

    Abject horror.

    She turned and walked straight back.

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LFGSS Official T-Shirts

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