LFGSS Official T-Shirts

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  • There's is also a lot lazier design.

    My suggestion, kill them until they are dead. That'll do it ;)

    Agreed, the thisisrob original is a much better design.

  • That'll be that Tynan. Always bunking off of English class to go and read his bible round the back of the bike shed!

    I used to roll up pages of Deuteronomy and fill them with dried leaves and then smoke them there holy Woodbines thinking about how cool Jesus was and that he was not a total cunt.

  • If you wanted holy woodbines for inspiration then you should have used pages from the book of revelations

    bloody philistine

  • a little off topic but. I designed the airfix t-shirt from last year. Can someone say rip off


    Jesus, what are you doing on the forum? x

  • Can I put in a plea for Velomancer_2.jpg? That is one of the few shirts that would stand out on a bike. The main design is on the back of the shirt where it should be. I'd buy a red one and a black one. Vote Velo!

  • Will there be a seperate colours vote? I've got so many black tees it's lame. I think that grey/white/red are in joint second, so I don't mind them but I'd rather some other colours.

    Yellow would be nice, as would pink, orange, etc. All the "unusual" t-shirt colours, basically.

    Actually, this isn't too bad an idea in a funny sort of way. I understand that printing in different colours of ink might be a problem as the screens would need some pretty special cleaning inbetween, but printing designs meant for white onto other light colours and those meant for black on other dark colours would be cool, and shouldn't be too difficult...?

    Will there be the opportunity to specify what colour we would like the designs printed on in the second round of voting (e.g. the 'ordering' stage)?

  • u bunch of jokers....

  • I voted fot them but I don't think they'll make the cut.

  • I voted fot them but I don't think they'll make the cut.

    What, you think it's a stitch-up?

  • I like the seamless way these jokes are integrating.

  • I like the seamless way these jokes are integrating.

    Isn't that the case with all LFGSS threads?

  • Of cords it is.

  • you've got this place down to a T.

  • It's knot that hard.

  • Fits like a glove.

  • Made to measure.

  • This really suits you.

  • It's tailor-made.

  • I think bespoke about this before.

  • you guys have got me in stitches

  • thats funny murtle... was that just off the cuff?

  • You have to keep abreast of these things. Doublely so for Oliver.

  • This is quite good...chaps.

  • Are you making assless trouser puns now. Quite dry but we should try to keep this clean.

  • all this punnery is too much.. i feel hemmed in...

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LFGSS Official T-Shirts

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