Random Trick sessions

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  • I'm gonna be out, but I just woke up, so please bear with me!

  • im gonna be in brick lane all day, so holla at yo boyyyy

  • I'm gonna be out, but I just woke up, so please bear with me!

    i wish i was a bear sometime, they can run at a top speed of 30mph! and can pretty much fuck up most other animals.

    plus who wouldn't want to hug a bear lol

  • I wouldn't, mainly because if they hugged you it would probably kill you, but amazing creatures! Anyhow, Shop14 at 2:30 for anyone who's coming, see you guys there.

  • You guys are weird. GET OUT AND RIDE!

  • plus who wouldn't want to hug a bear lol

    I wouldn't, mainly because if they hugged you it would probably kill you,

    we really need a sarcasm button next to the underline one

  • You guys are weird. GET OUT AND RIDE!

    I know i'm weird!, I did, and you were in Leicester! So you better get yourself down to Trix tonight, me and Marco found this sweet thread the needle bank/gap thing down some small steps in Euston on Sunday, we gotta go hit that shit next time, I bottled it because of the high risk of hitting head on lamp post lol, might borrow your helmet for that one!

  • Marco and I went and had a bit of a ride at Euston on Saturday and it was pretty good. There's plenty to play about with and quite a bit of variety. Ride this week there sometime?

  • this thread still active?

  • Yup, in fact quite a few of us are out tomorrow from 1PM, to do some shooting, so not exactly a random ride, but peeps are more than welcome to come along, there's a few of us (like 2-5) that are out pretty much every weekend, and up at trix every week, along with whatever other sessions we have on weeknights.

  • Also mate, if you PM me your number, I often send out group texts in the run up to the weekend to try and get as many people as possible out.

  • this thread still active?

    Yes, it's just a bit random, really.

  • we are the Randomeurs!

  • interested, will come back to this after the 10th of June when my exams finish. someone remember to gimme a shout :p

  • we are the Randomeurs!

    Good name.

  • cheers! bac to Random trick sessions... today was awesome out in the city with the lads. we only went to a couple of spots to ride but got some really good photos and all enjoyed ourselves. we got about 6 flats between 8 of us! cheers Date for sorting us out there. bring on the next session and i hope we get some good photos on here to show ppl what it is we're doing.

  • (don't mention ady's forks and james' saddle)

  • Haha, that was an awesome session yesterday guys, and props to all the guys that really pushed it.
    Banger of the day has to be awarded to Phil for the nose manual up the ledge, WTF!
    That was sick mate!
    Forks were bent, saddles were totalled, and I think we must have set a record for the most pinch flats in one session ever......although weirdly I never got one ;)
    All in all, what a great day, with some cool stuff captured on camera, it really brought a smile to my face to see people progressing so much and some stylish stuff being thrown down, props to all who riders who were out for the sesh, and thanks to Fred and his female photographer friend (violeta I think?), I had a sneaky preview and the shots are looking great.

  • is anyone free during the week to go for a photoshoot?

  • Yeah sure. When and where were you thinking of? I'm sure we can can a group of us together and get a bit of a street ride going.

  • i can do Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday until 5, any good?

  • Not after 5 then? I would guess that most people would be available after 5 rather than before. We'll have to do a check around and see who's about.

    Vi, are you coming tonight to help shave my dreadlocks off? The more the merrier. There are also going to be about 5 photographers there (they're all mates who happen to all do the same thing!) so you might meet a few people of interest! I'll PM the address to you if you are free. It's from around 7pm and we're planning on beers and bbq.

  • Im free next week, there are a few other jobless scum freestylers around aswell i think

  • It'd be good to finally meet you Josh (i think that's your name, but seeing I haven't met you yet I think I can be let off!) James said you rode with him a couple of times but it seems we've missed each other whenever we're out. Unless it's some kind of conspiracy???

  • Yeah, i secretly just turn up and watch you from a distance and hide when you turn around then meet up with everyone once your gone. It is my name. You will finally get to see my amazing fixed gear skills...ha.

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Random Trick sessions

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