Monday night race training

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  • Nah, don't see the point in not going 100% for them. Pretty much perfect for my goals anyway. Don't care as much about holding pace for 30 minutes.

    Any idea what next week may entail? There's racing this Sunday too!

  • I think next week is more of the same, then April Mondays turn more specific like last year...except I wasnt there last year so couldn't say more than that.

  • Yeah - it's drills until the season starts.. then it's just race stuff - split into two groups.
    So: scratch, devil, etc

    If you were really really going 100% you wouldn't be able to do anything after #sprintertalk

  • Good session tonight. Legs feeling adequately fried. I also found this key on the carpark floor on the way out. Anyone missing one and recognise it?

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  • Any official word on what's happening tomorrow? Will there be a non Mehdison option?

  • Still won't be there tomorrow, but I hope from a week tomorrow I will be back at the track, depending on studies and injuries. Hope to see you lot.

  • As we did scratch race this monday, i would say madison if they keep the same order. Look like we won't be wet as monday.....was crazy.

  • Winter training is back! Good session tonight, I've missed these ( though it's still relatively warm!)

  • is it more like chaingang again now? (ie: less like actual racing where you have to sit around in the cold...)

  • Last night was-
    Half hour warm up
    Stacked 7 high holding-the-line 200m sprints every 4 rolling laps
    Rolling groups of 5 1 lap sprints
    Half hour of single line changes with 5 laps on the board at the end.

    Pretty much non stop except for a couple of drink breaks, so no more 15mins on 15 mins off.

  • cheers, sounds good.

  • Has this started again (may never have stopped)? Can't see anything on the website but have seen instagram posts.

  • Yep, doesn't stop except for weather. 7pm warm up, drills start 7:20

  • Last week was, erm, chilly.

  • That was a fun session, except the bit where the coach said three laps, then the guys in my group went for two; so I claim that race technically, and then when I didn't quite realise I was supposed to be a derny. It was funny really, the riders behind me were telling me to speed up, so I said, thinking I was in the race like, you come past if you want to go faster, then more people were grumbling so I gave it a push and then they cried not that fast and the coach yelled at me saying what are you doing? It's supposed to be a Keirin! Bit embarrassing.
    But then we did one lap sprints and I killed it. Woohoo!

  • I've got my training accreditation a week on Sunday so hoping to be along to the Monday night race training after that. Looking forward to getting back on the track :)

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Monday night race training

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