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  • piano key necktie or none...

    Just what I was going to post.

  • Cufflinks were mentioned above also... I hate them too. They are as pointless as ties.

    If Im at my computer, cufflinks get in the way while I'm typing. Rolled up shirt sleeves FTW!

  • Oooh yes I love pies!

  • heheee... hi pastry lover!

  • pfffft all tame ties, years ago when I had to wear a tie we used to heve the "Bastard Tie Competition" take your pick from the photo below as to what your favourite is, all the really nasty ones I threw away ;o))))

  • jesus

  • jesus

    fuck, where? its easter has he returned???????

  • jesus

    you like them all don't you "covet covet covet" lol

  • knitted ties ftw

  • pah if only i had a digital camera

    @ scott

    try telling that to my pet mouse who regularly gets cold hands due to bad circulation / smoking too much

  • have you seen those keyboards that just unroll and you can play them on any surface , they hook into your amp or computer
    imaging having a tie that you could play tunes on

  • ^

    Some irritating cock will do it in the pub when I am trying to have a quiet pint.

  • It’s that time of year... again

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  • my collection, they're probably 10 deep on this rack

  • some proper 70's paisley, brown kipper ties

  • Some real classics there @dicki

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