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  • Does anyone have any experience of this frame builder? I've been tipped off by a friend who says they're in the Surrey area.

    Reason I ask is because my Rourke Lo Pro has a crack in the down tube that I need replacing and as money is rather tight at the moment, I'd rather not spend £30 just to send it off to someone like Bob Jackson.

    I'd possibly be up for replacing the horizontal dropouts for some track ends but they're chrome at the moment and this could end up being costly.

    So far BJ have quoted me £150 for Paul track ends and £70 for tube replacement. Rourke want £100 for the tube replacement.

  • There's some info knocking about on the net, generally consisting of owners saying 'wow my frame is nice'. I imagine he's really good as he's been doing it for years. Used to build for Geoffrey Butler back in t' day.

  • You might be able to get in touch through Pearsons in Sutton - I think there's some connection there. Good luck.

  • These guys always have classic names but I think Cliff Shrubb takes the biscuit.

  • You might be able to get in touch through Pearsons in Sutton - I think there's some connection there. Good luck.

    Ahh you may be onto something there. When I took my Bob Jackson in to be finished off, Guy Pearson mentioned a someone local who could do it but expect to pay £150+ for the down tube. Looks like Bob Jackson will be repairing it.

  • Barry Witcomb in Deptford does frame repairs - might be worth giving him a ring (but if you do talk to Barry himself).

  • My word of advice about Witcomb is to agree the price upfront. I agreed to a price range for some work and it came back at the upper absolute quoted. Im not saying it was not a fair price (I would have no idea anyway), just that when I dropped the frame off I left with the belief that the price would be something in the middle.

  • These guys always have classic names but I think Cliff Shrubb takes the biscuit.
    Pete Zetoppin is my favourite.

  • I'm sorry but i'm going to have to disagree- 'Zetoppin' is far too exotic. British handmade bicycles demand British names. The more suburban sounding the better.

  • I'm sorry but i'm going to have to disagree- 'Zetoppin' is far too exotic. British handmade bicycles demand British names. The more suburban sounding the better.
    Chris Plover?

  • I think you'll find that Cliff is long retired and only builds frames on the rare occasion that a friend manages to persuade him to - apparently, despite being in his 70's, he's more interested in just getting out on his bike. Paul who used to manage Bike Plus in Croydon knows him.

  • thought i'd share some Shrubbery. Got this recently. Some interesting details.

    interesting things are the Sugino high column headset top nut, Sugino 75 Carbon levers, red ITM stem, all dating to 1988 or so i think. All new ones on me.

    The front derailleur is just there to stop the chain coming off i think. It's 7 speed at the back and 53t outer ring up front on 8 spd Chorus. The end of the front mech has been deliberately sheared off it too maybe to make life easier.

    Front wheel is 24" i think. Even though the rim says 650 and the tyre says 26.
    Because when i tried another 26" wheel the brake sat way too low in the rim and the tyre wouldn't clear the forks.

    It's a harsh ride and twitchy, Possibly because it may be the wrong size for me. The seat tube length is too long for me by an inch while the reach is a bit short when in the aero position, but seems fine in the bullhorns. I ride 56sq.

    really would like to know what the seatpost is

  • That was my dads TT bike, anything you need to know about it let me know, I have spare tubs for the front wheel too!

  • I'd love to know anything about it

    1. What's the tubing?
    2. How tall a rider is it built for?
    3. Date of build/purchase?
    4. Used competitively?
    5. 24 or 26'' front (there is some confusion)
    6. Are all the parts in my pics original? (pedals are my makeshift ones)

    I'm loath to make changes to it but have considered/am planning making it full Campag C-Record and changing to Clinchers

  • Hi There,

    The bike was built by Cliff in 1988 and is made from columbus curly tube set with columbus aero forks and the front wheel is 26 inch. It's for 5ft 10inch rider. It was used by my dad from 1988 to the mid 90's for TT's and think the best times achieved were a long 55 for a 25 mile and long 21 for a 10 mile. I had a TT bike built by Cliff in the mid 80's which had a 24 inch front wheel, same colour made from an extra light weight japenese tubing and had mainly Corsa Record, it weighed 16lbs with Campag disc wheel!

    The bike you have had an early Zipp Disc and deep section front wheel at one point, the surgino brake levers are very rare (they were from my TT bike) and it used to have red look pedals too.

    I would go for all campag but not clinchers on a bike like that!

    I'll send you some pics of the Cliff Shrubb I still ride to train on, Record C including delta's!! And see if I can dig out any other pics of my old TT bike.

    Cliff Shrubb is still around and belongs to the Epsom CC. He still makes the VERY occasional frame too!

    Out of interest, how much did you buy the bike for, the frame alone was over £400 in the late 80's!...and how long have you had it?

  • Thanks for the info!

    I'll maybe build a set of c record tubs as well as the clinchers then but i don't enjoy changing tubs by the roadside when they go. The stem is interesting. Was it custom painted? Also the Extended headset top nut, never seen another. I do love the levers but i'll find another use for them if i replace with Campag.

    Would love to see pics of your Shrubb, stick them up here.

    I'm 5ft 11"
    hit bullseye on the date :)

    Unfortunately lost the seatpost as it was stuck fast. We had to rig it up to the ceiling with ropes and a big vice because the metal top part came loose from the carbon. Any idea of make on the seat post?

  • When I stopped racing I sold my TT bikes and got Cliff to make me this one in 1991, this is how it looked in November this year before it's winter training stint! Full Campag Record C, including delta's and the very first 8 speed ergo levers. Only thing missing is the seat post, this is an ultra light super record one.

    Note the ITM stem is painted on this one too, like the one you have, the colour of yours is pillar box red and was probably painted by Argos. The surgino cap on the headset is from a Colnago bike, a friend worked in Butlers, Croydon and got it for us, the dots were then colour coded red.

    Are you planning to race the bike, as you say, it's very twitchy due to the very short wheel base.

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    • 2012 Retro Re-Build.jpg
  • Are you planning to race the bike

    That will draw laughs from anyone who knows me. I think i like your bike even more. Rebuilding mine will be a long project. I have the C Record chain set but that's it. I'm now going to have to find Deltas because of your picture. I want you to know i'm not happy about that.

    What's the headset situation on yours? And please dig any and all pics out. I wonder if there's an old pic of mine?

  • ^ Love the colour, but not so keen on the wheels.

    Was the painted stem and large top nut a Cliff Shrubb trademark feature?

  • The wheels are from a much more modern machine!... but were just in the frame as the originals were being rebuilt, here it is a few years ago before it's latest rebuild. Every winter it does around 2000 miles in all weathers, then gets rebuilt every year!

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  • Headset just has a spacer, colour coded, the idea is the frame is smaller to make it stiffer, the seat tube extends beyond the top tube and the spacer in the headset makes it the correct size. Colour coding of the stems was just a family thing! It's made from Reynolds 653 by the way, with 753 rear triangle and Colunbus aero forks.

    Here's my TT bike with 24 inch front wheel from the mid 80's, it had a campag disc too, I wonder where this one is now?

    I'll try and dig out some pics of yours in action too.

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  • Any tips on getting the brakes cabled? Did you run the cables internally? I have the same set-up as you.

    My bars have been drilled but it makes the cable run very tight coming from the lever into the bar.

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Cliff Shrubb

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