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  • more £300 than £400

    Does £300 get you much more than £200?

    I'd get a Moto G8 Plus or spend more and wait for the new Pixel, or buy an iPhone for the camera. Not convinced anything in between is worth it.

  • a failed bicycle phone mount

    So you get your phone to do the crashing for you these days? Sounds safer. :)

  • Much!

  • Any suggestions for a feature phone that can run WhatsApp? I want to detox but need WhatsApp for work. I’ve found the Nokia 8110 but i hate the sliding design.

    Any tips?

  • hate the design


    In all seriousness, KaiOS is the operating system that has WhatsApp support, so should help a search. Nokia 2720 if you're into the flip. Think they did a 4G version of the 3310 reboot too. Lots get made but don't make it to the UK market because lack of demand.

  • That’s really helpful. Thanks

  • Anyone getting rid of a mobile phone, android and dual sim.

  • Hey, I got a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite in mint condition, £170. PM me if interested.

  • Selling a brand new Moto G9 plus if anyone's interested:­16/#comment15767678


  • What’s the current thinking on SIM only. Is giffgaff still a forum favourite?

  • I liked 3. No bullshit rules

  • Thanks, will check 3 out.

  • Anyone with an existing contract? Sometimes there are cheaper deals for recommendations or second SIMs, etc.

    (I'm on EE with a £20/month SIM that comes with 160GB of data so I was able to get her the cheapest £9/month SIM and then gift her a load of data each month as I never use all of mine.)

  • My wife’s with EE and they’re closing her current deal. I’m with O2 on a business sim so can’t do that kind of thing, thanks for the idea though, might be useful to others.

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Mobile Phones

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