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  • Does it have to be an iPhone, but that straight-away is tying you to battery hell.

  • I'd love to break away from iPhones and never look back, but I've been tied in with iTunes, but if the phone was worth it I'd change @GA2G

  • @mk1mark, If you're tied to iTunes, then there is only choice for you, and that's to stay with iPhones.

    Check these people out for some good deals. I got my Blackberry Priv from them and saved quite a bit. EE couldn't come anywhere close to matching them. In case you think my owning a Priv means I'm looney, well my industry is security, so thats why.

    The iPhone 6 - £33 p/m deal with 4GB (on offer, was 1GB), from 3; looks like its fits your bill.

    As for the dying battery conundrum, I have one of these. You soon won't imagine life without it.

  • I have a pretty mint iPhone 6 16GB for sale if anyone's interested.­51/#comment13216891

  • I'm not sure a used phone, even hardly used, would give better battery life than a new phone though..... And battery life is a primary concern

  • Did you find a good deal?

  • It's so spot on, it seems fake

  • I want to run a dumbphone

    I've used new basic Nokia 2g phones in the recent past but found I'd get big delays in sending and receiving texts

    Not sure if that's not due to poor 2g coverage or what but it didnt really work for me.
    I'm after a basic phone or one that can Be stripped out to basics.
    I used to like my old blackberry with the qwerty keyboard, much better to type on than my work iPhone.

    Is anyone on here doing similar and what set up do you have

  • broke my phone and need to get a new one unfortunately i'm on a budget so going second hand, but fortunately i live in a place that has the highest circulation of second hand phones,
    was thinking of going for a galaxy s5 I dont really have a clue on the latest tech so wanted to ask the forum brain if the S5 is still a good choice for a 2nd hand phone in 2018,
    i dont use games i lots of radio/podcasts streaming via aps and the normal browsing interwiz and instagram etc to give an idea of what i use.

    Also are there better options for under £100 at a push £150

  • Has anyone used/fitted a mobile phone signal booster.

    I can get 4 to 5 bars signal with 100dBm and more than 30asu in my loft.
    But 30" thick solid stone walls kills the signal to No Service in most of the house and shit quality everywhere else 127 -140dBm 0asu

  • moto g5 or g6 would be my choice at that price.

  • What's the best Smart Phone on a tight budget? £150 or less

  • The preceeding post answered your question before you asked it.

    How creepy.

    The android thread is here which should have lots of helpful suggestions :­47/?offset=20150#comment14485751

  • So it did!

  • I'm looking to get a new phone. Any suggestions on a phone in the £300-£400 range? (more £300 than £400)
    The Honor looks good but not sure about the security risk of the manufacturer.

  • Girlfriend has a new (warranty replacement not taken out the box) OnePlus 5.
    I don't Android myself but looks like it's same price/performance bracket as the Honor

  • Anyone aware of an easy way to transfer photos from my redmi 4a to my iPad?

    Bluetooth doesn't seem to work.

  • Yesterday on a ride I managed to bend my beloved 4 year old iPhone 6 and now the keyboard is freaking out and random apps are opening. Unusable basically. I'll try to get it repaired but it's also probably time for a new one.

    I'm looking to replace it with the XR. Can anyone recommend a case that's bend proof but not horrendously ugly and/or bulky? I've seen a low profile one with a polycarbonate layer in somewhere but can't seem to find it again...

  • Hello. We wanted to let you know that from 13 November 2019, we'll be increasing the charge for some services that aren't included in your plan - for example the cost of calling some international destinations. Rest assured, there are no changes to the monthly cost of your plan or any extras you have with us. Head to­ to see all the changes. As we're increasing the charge for these services, you can end your agreement without a penalty - we hope you'll choose to stay, but if you'd like to leave, or to discuss your options, please call us on 0808 005 7312 within 30 days of receiving this message.

    I responded to the above message from my provider (Vodafone) and the upshot of the conversation under the new 'right to cancel' scheme was (after they tried 4 or so times to offer me a new contract and the latest phone of my choosing , although I already have a S10+) that I could cancel and retain my number on PAYG or take the PAC code. I needed to keep the number as I am leaving country in a few months and still need a UK presence. Only been on that upgrade for a little while so I saved an absolute fortune on the handset cost and monthly fees.

    Might be worth checking out messages from your own providers.

  • SO!!!!

    2years ago i asked - I'm looking to get a new phone. Any suggestions on a phone in the £300-£400 range? (more £300 than £400)
    The Honor looks good but not sure about the security risk of the manufacturer.

    I am now again in the market thanks to a failed bicycle phone mount. Whats peoples thoughts?

  • Android only?

    Otherwise iPhone SE

  • I got one of these recently­Snapdragon-Camera-Smartphone-Black/dp/B0­7Z8C868H

    Seems good. Camera is very good as is the screen, absolutely loads of storage. Their version of android isn't my favourite but the latest update that it received (ColorOS 7) is much better than the previous one.

    Battery life is average, I've never had an issue getting through a day but I think it would struggle with two days.

    Otherwise, for another £100 I'd probably look at the OnePlus Nord.

  • Otherwise, for another £100 I'd probably look at the OnePlus Nord.

    I was going to replace the screen and battery on my s9. But that nord looks good.

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Mobile Phones

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