Frame Broken: Fixable?

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  • My frame seems to have come lose a little ;-) Bikes only 18 months old, not sure how old the frame was. Wasn't doing anything mad on it, just cycling to work as usual, do about 4 miles a day on it. Just clicked and felt like the chain moved. Looked down and this is what I see.

    Not sure if it can be fixed or not, need a bike for work so need to get something done sooner rather than later. Any ideas! New frame or is this one saveable?

  • seeing BLB fleeced you, should go back and ask them for another frame

  • I'd say yes. Need a re-spray after though.

    You BB cup cracked too?

  • I can't see because the gif keeps changing but is the actual lug broken or is the seat tube just come out of the bb lug and the ring around it is just paint?

    It's fixable either way.

    I'd guess that the tube / lug was not preped / clean properly resulting in a weaker braze, hence more stress on a small area hence snap. I'm am no welder / brazer though, just a guess.

  • way to go dale
    straight in there with anti blb comments
    you do surprise me !

  • and he doesn't even mention blb in his post !
    although you do know everything if the truth be told !

  • agreed. hard to see from the constantly moving pic, but it looks like the lug is intact. give superted a ring, he can set it straight.

    is there a lot of rust in there though?

  • welcome back mr warrior, dismiss dale's comments and just give superted a ring to see if it can be sorted. as others have said its a bit difficult to see, but has the lug been cracked off as well on the drive side, it might make it more difficult to repair/replace if the case.
    First port of call, take it down to local trusted bike shop and let them have a look, give superted a ring at fixed gear london, and see if he can fix it, if too expensive, buy new bike...

    hope it turns out all right...

    and dale, if you ain't got something good/constructive/helpful to say, say nothing at all...

  • looks like there is hardly any filler metal in the joint. you would need to take the whole tube out to prep it properly imho.

  • it's a BLB frame

  • Taking it down the shop later to see what they say. £350 for the frame and forks. Not best pleased.

  • thats why i say, go to see them and see what they say. the BB housing looks like its broken.

  • i agree, frame not fit for purpose. take it back to blb for a refund / replacement.

  • Wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have been jumping a curb, or even off the seat! But was just cruising along on a nice flat piece of road. No real stress when it went. In fact the bike doesn't get much stress at all on it's daily journey.

  • corny, what the fuck are you on about.

  • Says on the frame!

  • i think he's talking about your endless crabby posts about brick lane bikes dale

  • if they get funny with you about it not being a brand new frame when you bought it, you might want to ask them what the rules say about selling second hand parts via Cyclescheme. Good luck!

  • What are the rules about selling second hand parts via Cyclescheme?

  • Saw a similar thing the other day at my LBS. A guy had brought in a frame, tig welded, not lugged. It was a Surly offroad frame. The weld had broken in the same place. It was also rusty inside.

    The guy in the shop noticed that one of the bottle cage plugs was missing, and said that the break was due to water leaking into the tube and causing the weld to corrode. Therefore the fault was due to "user error".

    Anybody know if this is valid.

    I must add that the frame was otherwise completely filthy, and the guy had rounded his seapost clamp. Obviously taken no care of his bike at all.

  • luckily I've got no bottle cage plugs!

  • oh dear. maybe it was the cobbles what did it?

  • please don't get me wrong here people / wapping warrior
    but there is a lot of rust in that joint ?
    it just looks like an old frame thats seen better days
    18 months of ownership and you are hoping for a refund
    i don't think there are too many manufacturers who guarantee their new frames for that long are there ? ( except maybe a few of the higher end manufacturers )

  • **Can I obtain a second hand bike through Cyclescheme? **
    Cyclescheme does not allow second hand bikes to be
    obtained because your rights are not protecting to
    the same extent as with new bikes.
    We are also concerned that you may not get the
    right size and that existing wear and tear could
    compromise your first year's hire during which
    time you are responsible for its maintenance and
    Your employer will also want a full warranty to be
    available during the hire period and it is unlikely
    that the partner bike shop can provide this with a
    used bike.


  • Yeah - the rust looks like it's on the meeting faces of the joint too.
    Manufacturing defect?

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Frame Broken: Fixable?

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