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  • Does having the light paired with your phone destroy your phone battery?

    It's mainly mtbing I'd like my wife would like to cover so don't need the light but if it was just a case of sticking it in my pocket/bag etc then it might be worth it.

  • I don't know as it's connected to my dynamo and is always fully charged on rides.
    It sends a text to a chosen number with a grid reference. However having "tested" it some falls don't trigger it, a high speed slide certainly doesn't. Crashing into a wall probably would. I'll report back if that happens. Going to investigate the watch though!

  • Anyone got any thoughts on a good offline music app? I don't stream my music and Apple music sucks. Any recommendations?

  • My iPhone keeps reformatting the numbers in my contacts to some weird Belgian format or something. When I go to call someone I get dial assist up then it says unable to complete.

    If I change the region in settings to something other than uk then back again it sorts it but I don’t know how long for because it’s always back in the wrong format by the next time I try to call someone.

    Online advice suggested the change or region but seemed to suggest this would be a permanent fix which it isn’t.

    I think numbers that I’ve put in with the +44 at the start are always ok so could change all Humber’s to that but that’s going to take forever.

  • bump. is anyone using ? As it says, it's an alternative app store for iOS

  • Software update out now - if you thought your battery has been a bit shit these last few weeks this should be an improvement.

    RAM management is a bit cleaner also.

  • Dont forget to turn of the stuff in health check (snoop) afterwards .

  • Software updates shouldn’t modify privacy settings.

  • Iphone 7s,,,, has anyone been brave enough to take pictures underwater in the sea?

  • Your correct no change.

  • Anyone want one of these (iPhone 6S, Gunmetal, new and unused)­mor-Designed-iPhone/dp/B010MVISUU/ref=as­c_df_B010MVISUU
    £6 posted?

  • TL,DR: something is draining my data despite my best efforts, also had surprise charges for international SMS texts that I never sent and don’t appear on my Iphone. What to do?
    I’ve been burning through 5gb/month of data for >3 months on my IPhone XR, which didn’t use to happen. I’ve been at home most of the time, on WiFi, mobile data off, most apps without access to mobile data, minimal background refresh, images don’t download or upload on data...

    Last Saturday I ran out of data halfway through my month. Bought 100mb pack.

    Ran out on Sunday, bought 2nd pack, and later received a call from a random Manchester number, which I answered but didn’t speak. They didn’t say anything, so I hung up 5 seconds in.

    On Tuesday I tried to use EE credit to buy a 3rd pack but my credit had disappeared. I called EE and the guy said it was because of two international SMS I had allegedly sent on Sunday to a US number that I’ve never heard of. The SMS also don’t appear on my phone. We googled the number and it brought up several spam alert results, so he helpfully refunded my credit and I purchased a new data pack.

    My data ran out again today. I’ve checked and My Data Manager shows that I’ve used 180MB of data since last Saturday, when I should have had 300Mb.

    Any suggestions?

  • Click on mobile data in settings and scroll down. You can see exactly what’s using your data...

  • Have done but nothing unusual that I could see: safari, photos (for some reason), system services are the bulk of it. Reset stats a few weeks ago but didn’t note down date, so trying again now.

    Any tips re weird SMS?

  • photos

    Probably sync to iCloud?

  • Set to only on WiFi.

  • Sounds like someone else is using your phone. I’m not a “phone guy” but you could have had your sim cloned.
    Ask your provider for a new sim, they should send you a new one that will work on your current plan

  • Good shout, hadn’t thought of replacing sim.

    Thanks guys.

  • Can anyone recommend an app on iPhone for editing pictures.

    I just to be able to copy and paste one picture onto another and resize. That’s about it

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iOs & iOs Apps (inc iPhone, iPad, iPod, iBrick)

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