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  • Definitely finding this season better. Don’t want to post spoilers but it’s a huge nostalgia trip.

  • I'm loving it but I'm a nerd and grew up on TNG. The occasional swearing feels very naughty until I realise it's not live on the telly and I'm not 11 and eating my dinner after school.

  • I'm not 11 and eating my dinner after school

    Loved a bit of tea time TNG and DS9 growing up

  • DS9

    Fuck yeah, changelings all about the place in Pickles now too.

  • Not sure. I find it a bit hard not to think that Picard is actually just a massive twat, and (even in star trek universe context) should never get to even start any of his bollocks - even when it's just on in the background, I can't help thinking "but that's just fucking stupid".

    Also Frakes. Just retire already mate.

  • Spoilers. Pls.

  • Pretty sure they're in episode 1, maybe 2.

  • I'll thank you for not assuming that I have been paying one jot of attention. As such I am entirely incapable of challenging that notion.

  • Watched the shopping mall episode last night. The poorest episode so far IMO.

    Teenage girls just don't talk to each other like that, overly wordy exposition ahoy....

  • It was like they were on a trip closely supervised by their grandmother.

  • Yeah just didn't work for me. When she said 'Goddammit' for the second time, that's all I could think about 🤣

  • Cara Delevigne is absolute mince.

  • Final season of Succession starts Monday!

  • Yes! Plus final season of Ted Lasso and yesterday's start of Race Across The World. Might not go out for a bit.

  • Race Across The World

    I don't know how some of these people manage to make it to the shops and back

  • Guessing they only release an episode every week like terrestrial TV? I'm just used to Netflix and the like releasing the whole season at once, and binging it in a few days. Don't like waiting
    re; Ted Lasso

  • I finished Invasion (also apple TV) in less than a week. Quite enjoyed it. Kids in the English leg let it down somewhat

  • True - the couple of dears who took 3 attempts to get out of the first park were fun.

    Gave me flashbacks of hitching round Canada and Vancouver Island in particular when I was 19. Canadians are/were so lovely and generous. Though I did have to get out of one lift due to the driver (and me) getting too stoned and washing it down with cider. Good times.

  • Yes! And Yelliwjackets. Thought the first season of Yelliwjackets was really good and have some confidence knowing the show creators planned a five season story from the outset.

  • Yes to Race Across The World. On the face of it appears easier than first two series, a shorter distance and English speaking but I suppose many difficulties await (I have not seen the first one yet nor been to Canada).

  • Finished Better Call Saul.

    Nicely wrapped up, but wish it'd played out differently

  • Agent Elvis on Netflix is an absolutely insane and hilarious work of genius. Highly recommended. The more you know about Elvis and 60s culture and counter-culture the more you will get out of it.

  • this series is really good.­f_=nm_rvi_tt_t_2
    Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus

    cartoonified histories of some of pops more interesting characters.
    the best one so far has been george clinton.­f_=ttep_ep1
    funny episode watch to get an idea if you'll like the whole lot. first series is about country stars then moves to funk artists. not an episode goes by without the main character either shooting someone or being shot by someone.

  • Try and see the two Rick James episodes .

  • just finished them

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Television, drug of the nation

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