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  • I watched The Devils Hour this last week.

    I think it started really strong but as there was more revealed towards the end of the season it got a bit far-fetched for my taste. I think I prefer being left wondering rather than being presented with an explanation that feels a bit naff.

  • Well traitors us is a ride.

  • I loved this

  • Enjoyed The Last of Us, could of done without most of the episode in the shopping centre but the rest of it was great

  • I’ve just started watching House of Cards. Always been intrigued by it on nf but never watched. I have to say I’m hooked.

  • New Jamie Demetriou thing on Netflix is absolute gold - the sketch with the door is exceptional

    This was utter shit!

  • As above, the 3rd (or was it 4th? Or both? I dunno) series of You was terrible, particularly the Made in Chelsea cast, the hallucinations, the dull storyline.

  • I didn’t think it was that bad.

    I enjoyed Luther, but the made for Netflix version wasn’t dark enough. And that ending tf was that about

  • some questionable decisions made in the name of action on luther... when you have a train bearing down on you, do you dive towards the tiny narrow gap that's probably too small so you die side so you can do a cool cgi shot of a train whizzing past inches from your face or just head for the equidistant but massive opening with the door through which the person you're chasing went through...

  • It was the scuba divers jumping from the helicopter at the end that got me.

  • Firstborn has applied for S2 of the UK one. Not sure he has enough of a backstory to get picked - unless they want to fill the nice middle class son-of-an-aging-fixie-skidder slot.

  • Really enjoyed 'Black Bird' on AppleTV,
    Only 6 eps, flew by. Dark

    Also dare I say series 1 of 'The Morning Show' has a brilliant climax, well worth the build up! Don't bother with season 2

  • Yeah season two sucks

  • you mean you don't make a large number of people suit up in tactical diving rigs when you fly to apprehend a criminal who you think is inside a building?

  • Just realised that the rest of Better Call Saul came out. Gift and a curse, but already loving the first few.

  • I just found an extra season of Futurama I'd missed entirely. It's not great, but still...

  • That whole thing was a tedious wank.

  • It's that time again, I'm here to tell anyone who might listen that Wu Tang: an american saga is still some of the best tv in recent years.

    I just started season 2, it's got us hooked in this house. It's so so good!

  • Season 3 is not quite as good... but still worth watching

  • Antiques Roadshow this Sunday is from Stoke Newington's Clissold Park. I'm not sure if I am on it - they didn't seem very impressed with my 2009 brown Langster.

  • Did Fiona Bruce express any opinions about spousal abuse?

  • That would be ace!

  • Stark Trek Picard, season 3.

    Worth it, just to gawp at the state of Beverly Crusher.

  • I had to really struggle through season 2, is it much better then?

  • Same question as above, I found S2 a slog come the end

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Television, drug of the nation

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