Television, drug of the nation

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  • Well that's like a fucking @ me for ideas directly into my head, fucking cheers.

  • I dislike the walking dead but thought all Frank and bills mod cons were pretty satisfactorily explained thru the prepping and harvesting of the towns resources once FEDRA cleared everyone else out

  • On the beardy tryst. Wine that lasted for 20 years whilst the world crumbles roundabout you? riiiiight.

    Vineyard as well as Strawberry plants and Chickens and veggies. Some suspension of disbelief required. Also the girl is really annoying me. Lots of glowing reviews for her performance but I'm just not getting it.

  • Wine that lasted for 20 years whilst the world crumbles roundabout you?

    Motherfucker already had a decent cellar and then his pick of a whole town including a decent booze shop. They were left mostly alone apart from the odd random and those raiders that were shown, why don't you want him to be loved?

  • Just finished the first season, at the end of which my mate gets pushed in front of a rubbish truck. Good series, will watch the second season.

  • Just binged The Last of Us to see what this episode 3 is all about and now I get it, it is truly shocking how much faster gay people age, I never knew.

  • Snottyotter covered the wine point already but they cover the strawberries (traded some seeds for one of his guns) and srawberries basically grow like a weed so it's not at all difficult to believe there are plenty around.

    Chickens and veggies also not dificult to believe. This is a guy who, the minute his town was cleared,swung into a carefully prepared plan for survival. Knew exactly what he was doing, down to the gas supply. Why is it stretch to believe he has some raised veggie beds and a few chickens scratching around (or a few freezers worth of meat that he saves for special occaisions)

  • Extraordinary (Disney+)

    Renewed our subscription last night and after 5 minutes of despair was happy that we found this. Some good laughs and always great to see Robbie Gee.

    Mainly renewed for a couple of movies but i think we're gonna struggle to find much else to watch though. Might try the Pammy and Tommy thing and would gladly watch the Bear again but nothing else jumping out.

  • few freezers worth of meat that he saves for special occaisions

    It was rabbit, right? I assume there's plenty of them still running around. Doesn't seem extraordinary for him to be able to trap / hunt a few.

  • there's plenty of animals still around in the game.

  • Ah yeah, it was. Mentioned it being paired with the beaujolais

  • Whatever. I'd have drank that booze shop dry within a few weeks. No self-control.

  • 100% me too, but I also wouldn't have spent the previous however many years prepping for the end of the world and would've been dead in a ditch before I had the chance to drink myself into being dead in a ditch.

  • Has he got to make money for another divorce settlement?

  • the one joke guaranteed or your money back.

  • Plus classic nepotism

  • watched first episode of shrinking last night. Jason Siegel seems to be on a tear recently with weird introspective characters in a bad place in their lives falling down unusual rabbit holes of behaviour, seems pretty entertaining so far.

    one to possibly check out. also contains (a somewhat muted for him) harrison ford as his boss

  • I watched the trailer for that and it looked really bad. Maybe they picked all the worst bits but it looked like Harrison Ford had read the lines off the back of his hand about 5 seconds before each take.

    Maybe I should give it a go as I usually like Jason Siegel and the writing team are good. Is it like the trailer or is that a bad representation?

  • Shrinking is great, watched it because I love Brett Goldstein and he's writing on it, but genuinely a great show.
    Also enjoyed Mr Joseph Gordon Levitt with my free Apple TV trial.

  • I've been watching Long Way Up on apple telly.

    Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman riding electric Harley's from south America to LA.

    Starts with a lot of "I cannae charge my bike, argh! How will we ever get there?!" But settles down after that.

  • I enjoyed it but, production values aside, it isn't close to as good as the other two imo.

  • 3 episodes in I'm still enjoying it. I think Harrison Ford is pretty good in it too. he plays the crochety old man (with early onset Parkinson's) without making it too over the top grumpy and is believable in his more vulnerable moments.

    nice to see Jason Siegel clearly doing the kind of stuff he loves now with more humanising roles rather than the one-dimensional punchline type lanky best mate ones he was cast in for most of his career

  • Anybody watched Fleishman Is in Trouble? It really surprised me how good it is, it starts of as one thing and then turns into something else.
    It's refreshing to see something done with care that doesn't have people dying left and right for dramatic effect or being stuck in the usual world of police/gangster/soldier stories.

  • yeah I quite enjoyed it, completely different show by the end and good example of how framing of how a story is told affects your opinions of the people involved.

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Television, drug of the nation

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