Television, drug of the nation

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  • Yep, have love Sandman and pretty much everything Gaiman has done for years, so happy that they have finally found a way of getting it on screen,

  • Anyone watching the Netflix Woodstock 99 doc thinking, “I’ve definitely seen this before. I think”?

  • No, I saw a piece in the Guardian saying no one is doing that.

  • Fuck those guys. I’m not alone

  • Just finished Night Sky on prime. Deliberately measured pace but ultimately rewarding sci-fi with JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek.

    Just read that unfortunately it's not getting a second season but it's really worth a watch regardless. Best original series kinda thing I've seen in a while

  • So what happened to the resident evil is shite chat?

  • Felt the same. Slow start, but got very engrossing. Real shame it's cancelled.

  • As it's Tuesday, can we discuss last week's BCS?

    There's 1 thing I'm slightly confused about that I want to clear up.

  • Post in Television Spoilers I've not caught up yet

  • Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 was entertaining enough, wasn't really aware of it being a complete shit show.

  • I knew it was carnage, partly because I watched a good documentary about it, a year or so ago. It can't have been Trainwreck though, but I've no idea which one it was. Anyway, Saul...

  • Better call Saul -
    Finding the recent episodes dull and losing interest.
    Enjoyed Breaking Bad and previous Saul seasons.

  • Possibly part of it, but now I think it was some kind of fever dream after glancing through one of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books, which features a kind of Mary Poppins character.

  • I'm increasingly NFA about the black and white shit, tbh.

    And I think I want it to be over now. It's unravelled more than the protagonists' lives and is offering about as much.

  • I think I want it to be over now

    that's what she said

  • Lock and key season 3 just dropped

  • the first half of 'the Resort' has been pretty good so far.

  • Just started that, one ep in and intrigued.

  • Tried to watch an episode (Have no knowledge of Sandman) and failed to understand what was going on.
    Do you need to have read the comics or does it become clearer the more you watch ?

  • There was an HBO Music Box documentary on the same subject pretty recently so quite probably that one.

  • No, I'd not read any of the stuff before. I'm a little 'revel in it's sumptuousness and pick up the story later and return if necessary' type viewer which may not be most people's watching style. It does build and explain itself more later.

    Go to E5, it stands alone for easy viewing kicks.

  • Cool, I'll give it another go.

  • My wife has read the books and listened to the audio stuff, I've done neither and we're both enjoying it muchly.

  • Watching The Terminal List, the suspension of belief required is really quite something

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Television, drug of the nation

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