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  • Looking to scrap Sky after many years as it is spendy and shit.

    Any suggestions for a decent Freeview box?
    Would either need to be fed from sky dish cables or WiFi/ ethernet cable as we don't have an aerial.

    TV has Freeview build in but not internet, needs cables (might be able to hook the dish up, thinking about it...)

    TL/Dr; looking for a Freeview box with storage for recordings. (4K would be nice)

    Edit: belay that, Sky are £5 month to keep the box for a year. Will reassess when they put up the price

  • i hope so the BTK story line was building and the charater of bill and his family was also a good line.

  • Also really enjoyed The Bear

    I have almost finished it an enjoy it too but the first 2 episodes stressed me out quite a bit.

  • Started well, developing and realising her power, holidaying in Pakistan, then home truths (for us) on partition and then got daft. All to be able to meld with MCU. Goodness knows what will be the order to watch all MCU products in, to get a true timeline.
    Older middle aged bloke

  • The Baby. Could have been great, was ok.

  • The heist setup is similar to Ocean's 11, I think, and at least one other film I can't quite place...

    I found the fact that it was supposed to be winter in Nebraska, with snow on the ground a bit odd, as it was clearly summer, with the trees in full leaf and high sun angle. I think it was shot with IR filters to make the leaves pale, though.

  • What I found odd was that I felt like I knew what was coming next. Like the bit where the manager asks the cleaner to polish the floor. Knew the guy would slip on it and knock himself out. And the bit when he had to ad lib with the security guard about being on his own to give the guy time to come round and clear off. I'm sure I've seen that somewhere before. Same with the marking out of the scale of the shop in a field full of snow with fenceposts and the guy practising the runs.

    Feels like it was a massive homage to something I've definitely seen before.

  • "The Lazarus Project"

    Reasonably watchable, but fuuuuck why can't they hire actors from the countries that the characters come from? The accents are just so very, very bad.

  • Some of the actions of the team and the new guy himself bordered on stupid, considering they are tasked with saving the end of the world..... We won't be watching s2

  • Cheers all, I'll probably watch Ms Marvel at some point. Hopefully it will be better than Moon Knight

  • Caught up with it yesterday. I really enjoyed it but I don't track the online fan community and I wonder how many people out there were as enraged by it as they were by the Fly episode in Breaking Bad. Although I'd assume most of those people wouldn't have stuck with Better Caul Saul this long if they even tried watching it.


    I watched it utterly convinced I'd seen it before.

    Definitely a homage to Oceans 11, Thomas Crown Affair and so on.

    Yes, the polished floor was a pretty clear signal for what was going to happen. Added to the tension, for me, when the heist finally started.

    They're certainly showing us that he still has it, even in hiding. Makes me wonder if his post-exile life is going to end dramatically, a bit like it did for Walt (only without the machine gun).

  • Under the banner of heaven on Disney.

    Enjoying it, Ol'Spidey is pretty good in it, as is his partner.

    Dark, dramery type thing.

  • I am planning to watch it because I liked him in Under the Silver Lake.

  • Under the banner of heaven

    Thanks for the recommendation, enjoyed the story and the back story. Not sure how much of it is a true reveal of the LDS, but interesting all the same.

  • Snowfall season finale.

    Absolute fucking belter.

    Loving the outro music on the last few episodes too.

  • Resident Evil (Netflix series)

    I quite enjoyed it, despite every single character in it being detestable.

  • would have been nice if the writers could have come up with a better segue from the queen zombie experiment into what came after other than "experienced zombie fighter and scientist suddenly loses all common sense and throws all caution entirely into the wind for no apparent reason"

  • Has anyone watched all of Dark? I binged seasons 1 and 2 too quickly. I think I'll have to start again and take notes. It's so complicated. It doesn't help that I have ME/CFS.

  • Anyone else a fan of the Sandman? Coming to netflix next month, the trailers for it look like they have finally managed to do it justice.

    Wow, superb TV. 5 episodes in and breath taken away.

    Without spoiling, Episode Fives spiral is amazing.

  • Amazing.

    I’m only 1 episode in, but love how close to the original story they are staying.

  • Yep. Worth sticking with. It is fucking confusing, though.

  • More.. no spoiler, but the images and visualisation of Hell are the best I have ever seen. You can feel the despair.

  • I have read the comics and listened to the audiobook (both amazing), so I’m just looking forward to how they do each story arc. Especially the Diner episode

  • Especially the Diner episode

    This is apparently many reviewers highlight. One of mine too, from the book.

    Watching tonight. Waited many years for this

  • I had somehow got the impression that The Umbrella Academy was some kind of ultra-dark retelling of Mary Poppins. Watched the trailer and this doesn't seem to be the case.

    Am I thinking of something else, or should I pitch it to Disney?

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Television, drug of the nation

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