Television, drug of the nation

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  • not sure I can enjoy it anymore after some bellend has destroyed our local park with his little beepy stick by digging up divots every few feet and killed the grass on top of every single one of them so the whole park looks like it's best mates with SuperTed.

  • Watching the latest series of better call saul. Really enjoying it. Especially the Nacho storyline.

  • did enjoy Ozark's bloody finale

  • has BARRY been mentioned - on sky /now tv - short episodes , 30 mins, but tightly written and lots of dark comedy. won a few emmy's i think, and the Fonz is in it, who is utterly brilliant. seasons available on catchup but its half way through a new season every monday.

  • moving on to watching season 3 now

  • Started watching The Staircase after my OH said there was only 3 episodes; short, sweet, in and out. Watch the first one, really enjoy it before finding out there's 8 and Sky have just dumped the first 3 in one batch. Ah...

  • I had a similar thought "3 eps, OK I'll give it a crack"

    Mercifully E1 didn't grip me, seemed to ask too many questions to make you keep coming back, then I saw it was 8 episodes, so happily bowed out.
    MrsDeth may finish it but she is very familiar with the story as there are numerous podcasts and previous TV dedicated to it.

  • I have to say I'm not massively familiar with the case, and we watched the 2nd one last night with interest and will keep going. But the pacing for now seems OK

  • Really enjoyed 10% on prime. Genuinely lolled

  • I've only watched the Netflix version of The Staircase, is it the same one?

  • So many good characters in that show. They went for an even slower burn than anything in Breaking Bad and it still worked.

    Took me a while to collect my jaw from the floor, back in season 1, when my memory clicked and I realised Chuck was also David St. Hubbins.

  • I could be wrong but I think that's the documentary itself, whereas this is a drama which references it

  • Really enjoyed 10% on prime. Genuinely lolled

    Couldn't get past the first 5mins. In the bin.

  • Oh interesting, will check it out

  • Yeah love Barry will do now tv once the full season is ip

  • Quite. Now you feel older than Chuck looks, even if you aren't.

  • Watched Our Father on Netflix. Fucking nuts that a doctor can use his own sperm to inseminate so many women who have no idea it's his and it not be illegal. The poor woman near the end who found out he was her father and then says he's been her gynecologist. Shudder.

  • Ozark. Fuck me.

    Also as an aside, did/does anyone else thing Wendy's character was just a bit too much?

  • Kids in the Hall, anyone? It’s not bad!

  • In a surprising twist, after a run of about 20 shit episodes, Nine Lives Kat and Kid/Nap were perfectly enjoyable episodes of inside number 9!

  • Just finished the second series of The Terror and I don't really get the awful reviews tbh.
    I thought it was quite a well done Japanese-style ghost story.
    Onto series 1 next, which I'm guessing is quite a bit different.

  • Love, death and robots was another top notch series.

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Television, drug of the nation

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